News roundup: Tracy Anderson is being sued by Urban Rebounder

Tracy Anderson is being sued by Urban Rebounder for using their product in one of her workout videos without permission. Here is a snippet of the video in question:

View the whole article here:

Now for those of you unfamiliar with Tracy Anderson, her workouts will feature heavily in future UFO posts as she is responsible for the Ultra Fit physiques of the Ultra Famous and Fashionable and lucky for us Ultra Fashion mere mortals her workouts are also free online or to purchase on DVD so we can all attain those Ultra Fine bodies. Here is a list of her clientele: Gisele, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lara Stone, Christy Turlington, SJP, Kristen Davis, Cheryl Cole, Karolina Kurkova, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Molly Sims, Courtney Cox, Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Beyonce, Nicole Richie Jake Gyllenhaal and Matthew McConnaughey.

Now not only do I recommend having the Tracy Anderson Method (her exercise regime) in your life but I also recommend purchasing an Urban Rebounder for some of your cardio. Previously to purchasing the Urban Rebounder I bought a cheap mini trampoline/rebounder and it just wasn’t up to my hard core workouts (ahem) so it broke, steered to the Urban Rebounder as being reportedly the best in the business- this is recommended by Madonna and at one time Tracy Anderson, I bought mine off ebay as unfortunately Urban Rebounders only seem to be sold directly from the company in the US. My Urban Rebounder has survived hours upon hours of use and a 13 hr flight so I can’t really recommend it highly enough, plus the name’s pretty cool.

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