Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis


For those who are unfamiliar with Tracy Anderson’s metamorphosis dvd series, they are available for four different body types- Omnicentric (weight is evenly distributed) Hipcentric (weight gain mostly on the hips) Glutecentric (weight gain mostly on the glute or has no glute definition) and Abcentric (weight gain mostly on the stomach).

Now I spent literally months trying to figure out which centric I am- Am I am omni because I’m not very big? Am I hipcentric because I do have defined hips, although that is due to my natural bone structure and not excess fat so what could hipcentric do to even change that? Am I abcentric because I don’t have a flat stomach? I decided that I definitely wasn’t glutecentric because quite frankly my arse is perfect. Anyway I did the body type calculator provided on Tracy Anderson’s website, turns out I’m either Hipcentric or Omnicentric, I thought I’d ask one of her trainers for the final say and turns out they think I’m Glutecentric- gah!!!!! Well I now already own 3 rounds of Omnicentric (these dvds never stop- every 3 months another 90 days are released) and 1 round of Glutecentric and much in the way that I own the Post Pregnancy DVD despite not being post pregnant and want to own the Pregnancy Project dvds despite not being pregnant either, I’ve decided that I want all of the centrics for all of the rounds. Yep obsessive

Here’s the advert:

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson’s Muscular Structure DVDs in Order

Tracy Anderson’s Cardio DVDs in Order

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