Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga both admit to being "fat".

As mentioned in a previous post Lady Gaga’s lyrics for new song “Cake(like Lady Gaga)” include the lyrics “I’m getting fat and so is my bank.” Meanwhile Christina Aguilera reveals in Billboard magazine that frustrated at her record company for pressurising her to lose weight she told them
“You are working with a fat girl. Know it now and get over it.”

Now by popstar standards perhaps Gaga and Aguilera are on the heavier end of the spectrum but I would hardly describe them as being fat! What fans love about the songstresses are their talent, strength and confidence in not feeling the need to conform- Born this way and Beautiful.

Surprises in the Billboard article are that during Aguilera’s Stripped tour, her label told her that her weight gain would mean that she wouldn’t sell any records or tour tickets and that the people that she were working with would miss out too. Talk about laying it on thick! Aguilera obeyed and lost the weight for her Back to Basics promo and tour- however in an interview at the time she put her weight loss down to feeling insecure in her body in front of her husband and wanting to make a change. Was this a PR fed spin? Good for her for loving her body and not giving a crap what people say- although I can’t help hark back to a time when she was a skinny mini and criticising Kelly Osbourne for being fat- what goes around comes around?

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