How to get abs like Fergie


Want a stomach like Fergie Ferg? Fergie revealed that she achieved her toned tummy by doing the Basic Abs for Dummies DVD.

Time: 39 minutes
Areas worked: Stomach
Equipment needed: None

Don’t worry, even though this DVD is called a “Basic Ab Workout” it is actually pretty challenging and you will definitely feel your abs burn, remember Fergie got that stomach from doing this workout! This DVD provides a really thorough ab workout; there’s a warm up section, the workout then a cool down. Even though the DVD is 39 minutes long you’ll only do 10 different ab exercises with 20 reps of each one. The reason why the DVD is so long is that Gay really explains the form you need for each exercise and you’ll perform each rep s-l-o-w-l-y, which is great because you can feel so much more of a burn when you take your time and focus on the exercise rather then blasting them away. The moves aren’t too complicated, although there are a couple of plank moves at the end which are more challenging. For each move there’s an option to do a simplified version or a more challenging version.

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

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