Country alone day 1/12

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I had a bad night’s sleep but went along to a 3hr badminton meet up group and met some really nice people that I’m going to stay in touch with- so mission 1 keep myself busy & avoid the loneliness was a success!

Mission 2 get lots of stuff done: This wasn’t really a success, I was so worn out when I got home that I found anything but lying around pretty difficult, I did manage to clean the kitchen and get some other stuff done but no where near to my standards.

Mission 3 Exercise: I really wanted to do 1 hr toning and 1 hr cardio when I got in- I really tried but I just couldn’t manage it, maybe I need to build my endurance up.

Mission 4 Stick to Perricone: This was pretty successful bar a couple of convenience items- I think diets would be a lot easier to stick to if you didn’t actually have to make any of the food. This is what I ate:

Brekkie: Cottage cheese with sesame seeds and smoked salmon, grapefruit,  fruit juice with water

Lunch Bowl of cereal (non perricone) my excuse is that I needed to eat something quickly before I left.

Isotonic drink (non perricone) I don’t think I would’ve survived badminton had I not had this. Lots of water

Dinner Almond encrusted salmon on spinach, banana, 2 fresh apple, cucumber & celery juices

Snack fruit juice and peanut butter wrap (non perricone) I was majorly craving carbohydrates and feeling dodgy! Felt so much better after this

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