Why I am a Pescatarian

Any fellow veggies/pescies will know that they are frequently asked why they decided to give up meat- well the book Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin is my reason for it.

While I’ve always stayed clear of red meat as I didn’t like the taste and found it too filling I used to eat poultry, bacon and sausages. Every now and then I would have a crisis of conscience and go veggie but it never seemed to last for too long. I saw Gordon Ramsay’s documentary on raising a pig and it then being slaughtered, although I felt really bad for the pig and wanted to be a veggie I just couldn’t make a big enough mental connection between the cute baby animal suffering and the food which seemed to bear no resemblance to it. I read Skinny Bitch because of the catchy title, without realising that this book promoted veganism. One of the chapters goes into graphic detail about some of the mistreatment of animals that goes on in the farming industry- I’m not even talking about the standard allowed¬†mistreatment such as battery farming or injecting your animals with antibiotics which is popular in America, but workers physically abusing the animals for the fun of it. Anyway this really hit home and I was able to connect the disgust I felt from this chapter to eating meat and I’ve never touched it since! In fact meat actually physically repulses me- so I’ve obviously given myself a strong enough aversion to it which is enough to put me off meat for life. I do however still eat fish. I am sure that if I was exposed to some awful fish farming which I’m sure exists it would put me off, but I’m trying to actively avoid viewing that as I feel my health would suffer if I were to cut fish out of my diet.

I don’t judge anyone for eating meat- I was aware of all the awful farming conditions before and I still continued to eat meat, however I’m happier now I’ve given it up as I don’t have those cycles of feeling guilty, I don’t miss meat and I’m sure my diet is much better as I’m no longer having McChicken Sandwiches or sausage rolls.

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