Britney Spears and Tracy Anderson workout days 2, 3 & 4

Day 2 I did workout B- so instead of doing the Britney Spears routine I did 15 mins of my own leg exercises. I left exercising until too late in the evening and didn’t have time to do any cardio.

For some reason I slept really badly and my upper arms were really hurting from doing the pec flys and chest presses and are actually still hurting today, I might dry making some recovery juice which is supposed to stop the aching.

Day 3 I didn’t get home until quite late so by the time I’d had dinner and waited an hour I was too tired to get much exercise done- I just did 10 mins step touching- I didn’t want to do any loud cardio as didn’t want to wake anyone up, Tracy Anderson Pretty Women and bit of Tracy Anderson Venus & the Britney Spears workout.

Day 4 was much better- I did 30 mins cardio in all- 10 mins warm up, 20 mins proper cardio and it was brilliant! Exercise definitely lifts my mood. And then I finished workout A. I’m definitely starting to see a difference already so I just need to work on keeping it up! I tried drinking the recovery juice before and after exercising and amazingly I’m not aching at all today- yay! 🙂

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