How to stop your muscles aching after exercise.


My muscles always seem to really ache after exercise and the following day and sometimes even the day after that. The pain is particularly bad if I’ve been using weights and can sometimes be so painful that I’m unable to do the exercise again even after 48 hours rest. I always stretch after every workout and have cold showers but this hasn’t helped so far but I’ve now found something actually works!

The Workout and Recovery Juice

This can be found in Jason Vale‘s book 7lbs in 7 days Super Juice Diet, even if you don’t want to follow an exclusively juice diet this is still a great book as has loads of yummy juice and smoothie recipes.

According to the book: Dr Norman Walker, one of the world’s leading juice pioneers, was a great believer in this juice, He believed the combination was the perfect balance of sodium and potassium- two vital minerals that we lose while working out. The Workout Juice should be taken around 30 minutes before exercise and within 1 hour after exercising. This juice helps with the aches and pains usually associated with exercise.


1/4 small cucumber
1 stick celery
2 apples

How to

Juice all of the ingredients and pour over ice.

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