Tracy Anderson and Britney Spears Workout Day 19

For a breakdown of what my workout is refer to this post

During whatever workout routine I’m doing, every few days I always like to include some Pilates and Yoga. So yesterday I did the Cardio Flow section from my More then Mat Pilates DVD, which took 39 minutes, to make the toning section an entire hour I also did my own leg section which I’ve been alternating with Britney Spears’s Routine; I would’ve done the Britney Spears Routine as I did legs the day before but the chest section really makes me ache for a few days afterwards unless I have some Recovery Juice and unfortunately the cucumber which is needed for the drink had gone off! 😦

I also did Tracy Anderson JLO Thread to make it up to a full hour.

I really enjoyed doing Pilates, I always do this minus air conditioning and because it’s 30 degrees C outside the heat really helps me stretch and my posture is great afterwards.

I found that I had to stop half way through because I got so hungry I had to eat, can anyone manage a full 2 hours without stopping to eat? I did have a wrap for breakfast and then started exercising an hour later but this wasn’t enough to see me through- maybe I need a mid workout smoothie or something- suggestions welcomed!

I’m particularly proud of myself as after quite a while of not doing and cardio due to a foot injury I gave it a go and managed 45 minutes on my rebounder & 15 minutes step touching- yay! The endorphins were crazy afterwards and my mood was definitely elevated. Needless to say I’m a bit achey today.

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