Britney Spears and Tracy Anderson workout days 38 and 39


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Day 38 I was really restless with being stuck inside all the time so decided I’d be ok to go to our local restaurant for a meal in the rain, big mistake! Felt absolutely dreadful afterwards, the remains of this virus really isn’t shifting and although a lot of the symptoms have gone I’m just left feeling completely physically exhausted and unable to exert myself at all. Needless to say I didn’t do any exercise that day.

Day 39 As it was a nice day I thought I’d go and sit by the swimming pool for a bit because it’s not good for me to be stuck inside all the time, the swimming pool isn’t too far and doesn’t involve going into any air conditioned areas so I thought I’d be fine. Everything was good except walking back the weakness and feeling of being exhausted came back again. I think I’m still going to push myself to go to the swimming pool and back every day that it’s nice though because this being inside and not being able to go anywhere is getting ridiculous! Despite my exhaustion after the swimming pool walk I decided to attempt 30 minutes step touching and 30 minutes muscular structure- for the muscular structure I did Tracy Anderson Bootcamp and day 10 of Tracy Anderson Daily Candy Upper Arms– yay! I actually felt the exercise was less damaging then walking outside, maybe it’s the outside heat that’s making it worse? Food wise I’m having lots of juices, smoothies and soup to try and inject some goodness into me.

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