Britney Spears and Tracy Anderson Workout Day 48


I was good and got in my 30 minutes toning:

Tracy Anderson Marie Claire
Tracy Anderson New Years Webisode
Day 10 of my own leg exercises (yippee!)

And then 30 minutes step touching- I’m still too scared to jump after having been ill and energyless for so long!

Then I proceeded to have a nice quiet evening until ……. I had some tiramisu. I’m very sensitive to caffeine, I don’t have it a lot (just a can of coke if I’m feeling sick) and this tiramisu had a LOT of coffee in and it just basically sent me off the rails! I started getting very irritated with my bf, couldn’t concentrate, DEFINITELY couldn’t sleep so I ended up getting up in the middle of the night and doing Tracy Anderson Style Caster. This didn’t have the desired effect of calming me down and tiring me out so I turned to the ultimate arm challenge- the arm section from Tracy Anderson’s Mat DVD. I haven’t done this arm workout since September last year, this by far has to be the hardest arm workout EVER, it just seems to go on forever, it literally feels like it’s never going to stop. Previously I’ve only ever done this workout with 1lb weights but I felt the only way to exhaust my mental caffeine infected body was to use 3lb weights- Oh my god, this was SO HARD! I do really push myself when it comes to doing exercises, even the very first time I did this workout after not doing any Tracy Anderson arm exercises before I managed to keep my arms up for the whole time and not drop them, but with 3lb weights, it was so hard, I couldn’t physically keep my arms out to the sides, for those who have managed this on a regular basis- wow. I normally would do this arm workout twice but the way my arms felt yesterday there was definitely no way.

Britney Spears and Tracy Anderson Workout Days 45, 46 and 47

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