My new exercise routine- Tracy Anderson Health & Marie Claire

I’ve now finished 10 rotations of my Britney Spears and Tracy Anderson Workout so it’s time to start a new routine.

Using the principals of Design Your Own Exercise Routine I’ve made sure this workout was 30 minutes long- normally I try to make sure my muscular structure/toning is 1hr but I let myself do 30 minutes if I’m on holiday- I’m back home in England for about a month so I want to make the most of my time so I’ve reduced my workout time to an hour in total (30 minutes muscular structure, 30 minutes cardio).

For every exercise routine I make sure I include a warm up if it isn’t already incorporated into one of the workouts, so I’m doing the very short warm up from Tracy Anderson JLO Venus.

I also make sure I do a series of leg stretches at the end of my workout because my legs get quite stiff from the dance cardio and any leg work.

I’m still yet to master some of the moves from More than Mat Pilates Advanced so I’m including them into all my workouts until I finally master them.

For chest exercises I’m doing Tracy Anderson’s Score Sexy Cleavage.

To make my routine up to 30 minutes total and include workouts that exercise my arms, legs and stomach I’m doing Tracy Anderson Marie Claire and Tracy Anderson Health.

Every 3rd workout I’ll be doing either pilates, yoga or a new workout I’m yet to try.

This is what my routine looks like:

Warm up (1 minute) Tracy Anderson Health (13 minutes, arms, stomach and legs) Tracy Anderson Marie Claire (5 minutes, stomach and legs) Tracy Anderson Score Sexy Cleavage (4 minutes, chest) Dance cardio for 30 minutes, Pilates moves I’m yet to master (4 minutes, legs) Leg stretches (3 minutes)

Tracy Anderson Health & Marie Claire Day 1

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