Tracy Anderson’s Upcoming release Teen Meta


For those of you who have read any of my other Tracy Anderson Wish List posts, you would know that I would automatically want Tracy Anderson’s Teen Meta DVD, hell I would even buy Tracy’s Toddler Meta- no don’t worry no such DVD exists (yet!).

So no I’m not a teenager (although I’m sure if I follow Tracy’s method for long enough I will in fact have the body of a teenager) I am simply a lover of all Tracy Anderson Method workouts and I am collecting all of her material that I can. Yes Teen Meta is designed for the needs of teen bodies, but I’m sure this workout could only have positive effects on all bodies, hence why I’m planning on purchasing it.

Teen Meta set

So what do we know about Tracy Anderson’s Teen Meta?

It’s called “Teen Meta” rather then “Teen Metamorphosis” (Metamorphosis is the name of her current DVD project for adults) because teenagers already have changing bodies and don’t need a transformation.

As you can see from the box it includes 3 muscular structure workouts and is a 90 day programme, ergo unlike metamorphosis and the routines her clients follow where each workout is changed after every 10 workouts, it would seem that the teen meta workouts change after 30 workouts. Why is this? I’m sure the basic Tracy Anderson principals of changing your workout after 10 days to keep your muscles and your mind challenged would still apply to the bodies of teenagers so I can only think that it’s done this way instead to apply to the budget of teenagers. The first 90 days of Metamorphosis which features 9 muscular structure workouts costs £55 whereas Teen Meta which is also for 90 days includes only 3 and costs £16. Another possibility is that Tracy requests that Teen meta users do less workouts a week- Metamorphosis users are told to workout 6 days a week so in fact if you were to measure the first shipment by actual days (including rest days) the whole thing would last 102 days, so perhaps she asks that Teen meta users workout only 3 days a week? Or perhaps alternate cardio and muscular structure work? Although this does seem unlikely as her ethos is to encourage regular exercise of at least an hour a day 6 days a week.

Another aspect of Tracy Anderson’s Teen Meta is that it includes a “Metaband” “especially designed for teen workouts”. What is a Metaband? My guess is it’s a resistance/thera band (see pic above) cleverly renamed as a “Metaband” to make it sound more exciting and as if it was designed especially for the Meta product. Here are some examples of Tracy using a resistance/thera band:

How to get a body like Nicole Richie

Tracy Anderson Daily 10 Resistance Band Workout

So the “Metaband” will be used as the resistance rather then the use of mini weights- is there any special reason for this? It cuts down on the cost of teenagers having to purchase mini weights separately and the “Metabands” will be quite light weight so are able to packaged with the DVD without a big delivery expense. Are teenagers bodies more suited to “Metabands”? I highly doubt it, I’m sure it’s really for the above two reasons and also because it’s an opportunity for a new addition to the available Tracy Anderson exercise equipment.

The Tracy Anderson Teen Meta also features a 30 minute Dance Cardio workout, which is the same amount of cardio which comes with each Metamorphosis 90 day shipment. A lot of Tracy Anderson non teenage fans are likely to purchase this product simply because it has new cardio, we really cannot get enough!

This product also features a Workout Tracker- similar to metamorphosis, but sensibly does not include a tape measure, most likely not to encourage any teen body hang ups.

Also included is a Tracy Anderson Healthy Living guide, which I’m assuming isn’t a strict diet plan as found in metamorphosis, once again not to overly pressurise the teen user.

Teen Meta has been described as an “hourlong DVD”, so if that’s an hour long per workout then with the cardio being 30 minutes, the Muscular Structure will also be this length- the same as Metamorphosis, however if this time refers to the length of the entire DVD then each Muscular Structure workout must be about 10 minutes long, I’m guessing it’s the former.

The Workout features 16 year old actress Abigail Breslin, who says that after initial struggle with the moves she saw results everywhere.

What if you’re younger then 13 but still want to experience the Tracy Anderson Method? Fear not! Tracy Anderson says that children could start this DVD from the age of 10. Now before everyone gets up in arms she says could not should start at the age of 10, I’m sure most 10 year olds would be happier playing on their rollerskates anyway.

Teen Meta

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