New Years Resolutions and Tracy Anderson Health and Marie Claire Days 13-16

For a breakdown of my workout click here (I’m now replacing my pilates exercises with Tracy Anderson Facebook Venus)

Day 13 Unfortunately I was unable to go for a walk as it was raining so no substitute cardio, I did however do my whole MS workout and the 20s section from Tracy Anderson’s A Hot Body at Any Age.

Wow! So it’s the new year, an opportunity for new beginnings and resolutions. So here are my NY’s resolutions:

1. To focus on cardio- I seem to more often then not manage my MS but regularly miss cardio and am yet to regularly manage to do an hour without step touching.

2. Get a job! I think this’ll improve my life greatly. Yes it’s great having ENDLESS time to yourself to do whatever you fancy, but minus an income to fund FUN things to do and friends who are also free to spend the time with you, it feels a bit lonely and pointless. And also life feels quite static.

3. Help my boyfriend out more. My bf is pretty much perfect, he does everything, the cooking, cleaning and washing because he’s happy to do so and I think because whereas I’m the type of person who’s more laid back and will leave things for a bit, housework wise he seems anxious for things to be done immediately, so it just naturally becomes him doing everything and also because he’s too lovely to insist that I get things done. Soooo I am going to help him out more and it’s a good opportunity for me to control the meals and practice my cooking so I’ll include updates on what I’m eating and receipes.

Day 14. I didn’t spend new years day with a hangover as I was sensible enough not to drink! I didn’t get any exercise in though as the day was spent travelling home.

Day 15 New Years Day evening I was home alone and was terribly girlie- before I went to bed I could hear all sorts of scary noises so I decided to drink some wine to calm me down and help me sleep. This was a bit of a mistake as I had an awful night’s sleep and felt disgusting, lazy and horrible the next day so lazed about and ate 4 Cadburys cream eggs and didn’t do any exercise- BAD!!!

Day 16 Much better, I spent the day with a friend and we did a lot of walking which felt great and I did all of my muscular structure work. Does anyone else find exercise just that bit more difficult while there’s alcohol in your system? I didn’t do any cardio as my room is a tip and there’s no space so I’m going to have to blitz it today. Today I completed day 10 of Tracy Anderson Marie Claire and Tracy Anderson Facebook Venus so that’s all finished now- hooray! However I have 2 more workouts to do of Tracy Anderson Health. After completing 10 days of both, I found Tracy Anderson Facebook Venus is very short and sweet, but you can definitely feel it working and Marie Claire’s really good too, the moves aren’t too challenging but you can still feel them working and I particularly like the plank move.

Tracy Anderson Health and Marie Claire Days 4-12

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