Tracy Anderson A Hot Body at Any Age

TA a hot body at any age

Time: 6 minutes
Areas Worked: Legs
Equipment needed: Chair

This is a nice change for a leg routine as all the leg exercises are standing and easy to master- you should be familiar with them from Tracy Anderson Method Mat Workout.

Time: 11 minutes
Areas Worked: Stomach
Equipment needed: 1lb weight

Even though there are only 2 ab moves this is absolutely killer- probably because you have to do 100 reps of each move and each one involves a pike. On the upside as it is so good you should see definition pretty quickly.

Time: 4 minutes
Areas Worked: Arms
Equipment needed: 1lb weights.

The second and third arm exercise in this series are quite challenging as they are both 100 reps, the second move is good/unusual as not many Tracy Anderson arm moves are done lying down, whereas the third feels quite uncomfortable and I’m paranoid I’m building up my neck muscles!!

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

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