Tracy Anderson Courtney Cox Days 2-15


For a breakdown of my routine click here

Day 2 This was a really busy hectic day in Paris (and I got proposed to!) so I didn’t do any exercise, except for lots of walking and some random arm exercises before I went to bed to try and stop myself from feeling nauseous (I ended up feeling very sick at the prospect of organising a wedding). So yes- so now I’m engaged so I guess I should be stepping up the exercise!! Although I don’t really feel much pressure- thankfully wedding dressed are just exposed arms, I think I just want to look great all the time anyway so not much is going to change!

Day 3 Another busy day, so I managed to lots of walking, but no time for any other exercise with an awful cold, rushed engagement ring shopping and catching a plane back to England and then engagement celebrations once we got there.

Day 4 I got all my muscular structure in and as a bonus I also did Tracy Anderson Sky. I wasn’t able to do any cardio as I was staying in a small room in a house with other people so didn’t want to make a lot of noise jumping about and I had a horrible cold so didn’t want to go outside in the freezing cold to go for a walk. I would’ve done an hour’s worth of MS to make up for the lack of cardio but sadly I was pushed for time as we were due to go to a friends’ house for dinner.

Day 5 Once again I got all of my MS in, but no time or space for cardio. I also need to be a bit better with what I eat- I ended up staying all night watching TV drinking squash & eating chocolates because there wasn’t much food in the house.

Day 6 I was pretty ill and fragile and couldn’t really move to do any exercise- oh dear!

Days 7 & 8 Had a couple of lazy days of feeling tired, lethargic and uninclined to exercise.

Day 9 After feeling like I hadn’t exercised in weeks (although only 3 days) I did all of the Redbook exercises & Dance Aerobics Muscular Structure– not really enough I know, I’m absolutely desperate to do more exercise now.

Day 10 I had a friend come and visit for the day so I didn’t have any time to exercise!

Day 12 Another busy day, I just did Dance Aerobics Muscular Structure and A hot body at any age

Day 13 Incase you can’t tell I’ve got into an awful routine of being very lazy and lethargic, perhaps it’s down to the bad weather and being unable to leave the house? Getting out of the habit of exercise? Or enjoying all the home comforts like surfing the internet in bed or watching TV on the sofa? Anyway today I just did Tracy Anderson Courtney– I had to do it today or else it would’ve been over a week and I’d have to start off again at day 1. The second move where you do 40 reps is particularly hard but I do enjoy pushing myself and how you feel afterwards.

Day 14 Much better- I did all my muscular structure but no cardio. I think I’m put of by my carpeted room and the annoyingly creaky floorboards, I do really need to do some cardio again, must stop putting it off. I felt BRILLIANT after doing all my muscular structure; my mood was really lifted, felt really positive and loads more energy and the feeling carried on until the next day where I was feeling a lot more positive.

Day 15 Went for a walk in the snow, I’d been really scared about going out in the cold as I had a cough that got worse whenever it was cold but actually it was really nice and brilliant to get out, I’m going to have to make sure I do this more often. I had a bit of a dodgy stomach so I was struggling with exercise so I did lots of arm exercises to make up for it- this is what I did: all of the Redbook centrics, Tracy Anderson meets DDD arms, Tracy Anderson ABC armsTracy Anderson GMTV arms and day 10 of Dance aerobics arms & abs so my routine will be altered next time I do it.

Tracy Anderson Courtney Cox Day 1

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