Facial Fitness

We know how much exercise can improve the appearance of your body so why not your face? And since it’s the area of your body that’s always on display why not make it a priority? I initially became aware of the potential benefits of facial exercise when I had a massage that involved a face massage and noticed that my face instantly looked younger and fresher.

Facial massage routine

I look after my skin by regularly cleansing, toning, moisturising, exfoliating, using mud masks, eating healthily, applying suntan lotion and avoiding alcohol, however being aged 30 and with impending marriage nuptials and a resistance to fillers/botox I really need to step it up.

I originally tried a few facial exercises with Face Yoga by Annelise Hagen which I found online, but wanted to buy a full length facial exercise DVD to really benefit from it, after reading various reviews I decided to go with Eva Fraser’s Facial Fitness Made Easy and have recently find out that Madonna is one of Eva’s clients.

The DVD is divided into different sections:

Basic Exercises– 11 minutes

After a few days of doing this I noticed my cheeks had completely puffed up! Perhaps from inflating the muscle? And that after doing my facial exercises the next day my face felt all tingly from working the muscles. On day 13 I noticed my cheek bones looked really fantastic- really defined and a lot more Kate Moss like.


Section One– 12 minutes

You will have to repeat the Forehead Lines move, making it three times total as Eva ask that you do this move 3 times, but the DVD only shows the move twice.

Section Two– 11 minutes

Section Three– 14 minutes (gloves are needed)

Section Four– 12 minutes (gloves are needed)

Initially you need to follow the Basic Exercises for two weeks and then progress onto alternating Section One, Two, Three and Four each day, making sure you do each section once a week, giving you three days off. Eva recommends that you do Ear massage exercise every day- this move is already in section two and section four so I’ve added it onto the end of section one and three and will also being doing this on two of the days off- giving myself one complete day off a week. I’ll keep you guys updated with how I get on!

For more info you might find this interview helpful

Face to face with Eva Fraser

8 thoughts on “Facial Fitness

  1. Jessica Lions

    It’s true – facial exercises have really worked for me! I downloaded a great DVD a few months ago and have been doing them religiously. My face looks better everyday! And I’ll be 40 this year so it’s worth the time I invest in it. I didn’t use Eva Frasers because my friend told me about this one … and it was only $12


    but they are all really good and I think we should all be doing these exercises to stay looking younger!

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Hi Jessica,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Yes I completely agree with you- facial exercises are a god send! I’m so glad it’s working for you. I got some really good results from doing Eva’s facial exercises, I decided to try a facial toning device (the rio facial toner) which is like an ab belt but for your face because I thought it would better target the muscles- it’s sometimes a bit difficult exercising your facial muscles because the moves are so unfamiliar and I wasn’t sure if I was activating the right muscles, but I think I definitely prefer just doing the facial exercises myself because with the facial toning device sometimes it can be quite painful and I get a weird twitch in my eye muscles! So when I’ve finished 28 days of the toning device I’m going back to Eva.

      I’m surprised that more people don’t do facial exercises- especially as your face is on show more then your body, maybe people are sceptical?

      1. RosieG

        I started doing Eva Fraser’s facial exercises just before my 40th birthday as I thought then was the time to take positive steps to stem potential decline! I’ve never liked the idea of the electronic toning devices.

        I practised Eva’s exercises religiously for the first few years but then due to time pressures found I was only managing to do the exercises twice a week, which has gradually slipped to more like once a week. Nevertheless, at 55 people are frequently in disbelief that I could possibly be so old! I have some laughter lines round my eyes but can easily pass for 45 or even less. Who knows what my face would have looked like if I’d not done exercises but I am a firm believer that I have Eva Fraser to thank.

        The other thing I’ve done for the same 15 year period is take Imedeen and would totally recommend that as well for helping to retain moisture and
        firmness in the skin on my face and body.

        I eat healthily, do yoga and Pilates but am no saint and love a drink or two and am addicted to dark chocolate.

      2. ljgodbolt Post author

        Hi Rosie,

        Thank you for stopping by and commenting πŸ™‚

        I must admit I prefer “self” facial toning rather then using an electronic device.

        That’s great news that you’ve had such good results from Eva’s exercises- do you think you might increase the number of times you do it a week?

        Maybe I’ll look into taking Imdeen- I’m usually a bit sceptical about taking tablets and using special face creams although of course wearing high factor suntan lotion is a must.

        I really enjoy yoga and pilates too, I don’t think eating dark chocolate or drinking (ifit’s red wine) is going to do any harm to your skin- in fact it’ll benefit it as it contains antioxidants. Have you heard of Perricone? His anti ageing food plans are full of dark chocolate and red wine. It definitely helps your skin.

  2. Juanita Thomas

    I do Eva’s facial exercises religiously, it does take a bit of time to see the full benefit, but they work, I have been at it 8 months and what a difference.


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