18 Days of Laziness


For a breakdown of my routine click here

Day 2 I’ve been far far far FAR too lazy recently, I wake up late in the day, not bouncing out of bed feeling fantastic, but sluggish and lethargic, it seems to take me forever to wake up, I laze about for the majority of the day and hardly get anything done. Needless to say I didn’t get my exercise done on Day 2 as I met up with a friend in the evening and hadn’t given myself enough time to exercise before then. I also think I’m putting on weight on my face and stomach- not attractive! But considering how lazy I am I’m pretty grateful that I’m not humongous, I think the little bits of Tracy Anderson here and there really help. Also I know when I start regularly doing cardio again that will make a difference.

I’m also looking forward to ordering Teen Meta & the new Rebounder DVD, I think ideally I’d like to have 14 hours (2 weeks worth) of different cardio on rotation so it doesn’t feel like I’m constantly doing the same thing. I was even tempted to buy year 2 of metamorphosis even though I haven’t even started day 1 yet just so I have 4 more cardio DVDs, but as I’m quite broke at the moment it’s probably not that much of a good idea to spend all my money on it as it’s not cheap. Maybe when I eventually get a job!

Day 3 As I’d finished 10 days of Tracy Anderson Redbook Abcentric I replaced it with Tracy Anderson’s Hard Core Workout and also did Day 10 (yippee) of Redbook Glutecentric and Tracy Anderson meets DDD arms

Day 4 Just Tracy Anderson meets DDD arms

Day 5 I got up really late and had to be at a friends house until late so didn’t allow myself any time to exercise.

Day 6 Nothing!

Day 7 I just did Tracy Anderson meets DDD arms, Redbook Hip and Redbook Omni.

Day 8 I did all of my muscular structure, including day 10 of A hot body at any age 20s so I’ve replaced that with Tracy Anderson Thanksgiving.

Day 9 I just did Tracy Anderson meets DDD arms & Tracy Anderson’s Hard Core Workout and started Eva Fraser’s Facial Fitness Basic routine, for those of you that are new to facial exercise I recommend you check it out! The following day I noticed my face actually looked fatter! Is this the plump cheek muscles I’ve been inflating? It isn’t BAD- but I kinda am beginning to look like a chimp munk- MUST lose weight!

Day 10 Another busy day (but that’s no excuse) so I just did Tracy Anderson meets DDD arms. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but whenever I don’t have much time/can’t be bothered to exercise I always just do a standing arms routine, it’s SO much easier then all of the other stuff, in fact I’d say it’s my favourite area to work as it’s easier and you can still do it if you’re feeling too full/sick to do other exercise.

Day 11 and 12  I didn’t do anything! (Day 11 was spent driving to Cornwall- it took about 4 hours) and I can’t even remember what my excuse for no exercise on Day 12

Day 13 I did Redbook Hip, redbook omni, Tracy Anderson meets DDD arms, Tracy Anderson’s Hard Core Workout and Tracy Anderson Thanksgiving– the thanksgiving workout is actually quite difficult, it’s fast paced and definitely leaves you out of breathe- especially if you’ve been as lazy as me!

Day 14 was a hectic day spent driving and looking for wedding locations, I also ate TERRIBLY due to feeling tired and lack of options at service stations (Burger King chips, crisps, coke and chocolate). I felt the effects the following day when I had broken out in spots.

Day 15 I did Tracy Anderson Courtney and Tracy Anderson meets DDD arms

No exercise on Days 16 17 and no excuse! Just laziness.

Day 18 I did Tracy Anderson’s Hard Core Workout, Thanksgiving, redbook omni & redbook hip, no cardio but I did go for walk (I know this isn’t really good enough but it’s an improvement).

Day 19 Another walk and I was really tired so just decided to do a small amount of Tracy Anderson arms legs and stomach before bed so I did Tracy Anderson Audi, Stacey standing abs and Tracy Anderson’s Andrew arms.

Now I know 18 days of excuses or not quite good enoughs doesn’t make for great reading but there IS light at the end of the tunnel! I have finally managed to get over my doing-enough-exercise phobia so personal exercise/diet blog posts going forward will be a lot more encouraging! Also it’s SO depressing reading all of this back, ergh!

So next workout I will start and adjusted exercise routine, but I’ll still continue to do Tracy Anderson’s Courtney Cox Routine

Tracy Anderson Courtney Cox Version 2 Day 1

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