Rodney Yee’s AM and PM Yoga for Beginners.


After buying an advanced yoga and pilates DVD and discovering that I couldn’t master the downward dog pose with my heels flat on the floor I decided to buy Rodney Yee’s yoga for beginners. Sadly I purchased the WRONG Rodney Yee beginners yoga dvd- I had seen clips of one that demonstrated how to do the downward dog and thought it was this was but it turns out I was mistaken so I will be purchasing the other DVD. I also own Rodney Yee’s advanced and intermediate yoga dvds. The advanced hip opening is by far my favourite yoga routine and  is probably one of my all time favourite exercise routines ever, it’s challenging without being impossible and you feel brilliant afterwards. This DVD is made up of two different workouts- AM Energise sequence and PM Unwind sequence. There are also two meditation sequences again AM and PM.

AM Yoga
Time: 26 minutes
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: None

Today I did the AM yoga sequence for the first time. It was fairly relaxing, I didn’t feel particularly energised afterwards, but then again I had been up for several hours, maybe it’s best tried when you first wake. As you can expect with a beginners dvd the moves aren’t particularly challenging- although they do have downward facing dog which I am yet to master. The standing stretching poses feel good, I am less of a fan of the “Strong” poses as I’m terrified of my thighs bulking and it feels uncomfortable. I still hold Rodney’s Advanced Hip opening sequence as my favourite, but I will continue to use this sequence in my yoga routine rotation.

PM Yoga
Time: 26 minutes
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: Yoga strap/ribbon

PM Yoga is designed to help you unwind at the end of the day and release any tension before you go to sleep. It works. As it’s a beginner level the moves aren’t very challenging, but you still feel completely relaxed and nicely stretched.

The PM yoga session is presented by ColleenI always thought that Rodney was the master of yoga and Colleen was just his beautiful sidekick who’d lucked out on appearing in his yoga videos because of their relationship. however I have to say I actually prefer Colleen! Her voice is soothing and her explanations are more detailed and easy to understand then Rodney’s. I particularly like the breathing instruction given through out the workout as after having a build up of stress or just a prolonged period without relaxation you forget how to breathe. Post workout I felt calm and relaxed. My mind was clear, my head felt released of tension, my posture was better and my earlier slight headache had gone! I will be recommending this to my overworked stressed fiance as this will definitely improve his general wellbeing. Thank you Colleen! I felt like I’ve had a hug on the inside and I was wrapped up under a nice comfy duvet. I also found it hard to consider doing any other exercise after doing this DVD so I’ll make sure I do all my extra stretching and facial exercises prior to yoga in future.

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