Various ailments and Tracy Anderson Thanksgiving Days 16- 23


For a breakdown of my workout click here

Day 16  Oh dear my health is deteriorating I had a bad left arm and left eye, so I just did stacey abs, harpers bazaar, with the arm section only using one arm, thanksgiving arms section, just using my right arm, cosmo score sexy cleavage standing parts right arm only and tracy anderson sky and tracy pregnant QVC both just the arms section using my right arm. So I think you can always do SOMETHING and SOMETHING is better then nothing!

Day 17 I don’t know what’s happening to me- it feels like I’m falling apart! I did my 30 minutes of muscular structure but was feeling particularly weak again not from exhaustion from the exercise but as if my body was missing something like a vital vitamin. This unfortunately is a reuccuring feeling, but I have a doctors appointment booked this week so hopefully they’ll be able to sort it out. It is really frustrating because I’ve been eating healthily- fish, fruit juice, iron, vitamin b & fruit, so I’m not sure what the cause is. I decided to take a break after my muscular structure to have a chocolate bar for some energy and then wait an hour before doing my cardio, however by that time had passed my lower back was in a severe amount of pain so I took some pain killers and went to bed! It is annoying because this is my second day in a row without cardio, but at least I did all I could and I’m not giving up the exercise due to laziness.

Day 18 I officially have the weakest body in the world. I drank a Doctor Pepper (gasp!) and it basically sent me off the rails. It felt like I’d been on a detox for about a year and then drank 10 espressos. So I was really jittery and all over the place and also gave me a bad stomach so exercise was difficult. I only managed Tracy Anderson Sky and Tracy Anderson Harpers Bazaare. I’ve resolved to also try and do my exercise earlier in the day because I normally leave it until really late and recently I’ve really been struggling to exercise.

Day 19 Another day of not feeling right, bad lower back pain, so I just did Facial exercises, Stacey standing abs & Tracy Anderson Sky.

Day 20 I went to the doctors about my feeling faint and had some blood taken, as a result I felt unbelievably weak for the rest of the day, so I treated myself to a complete rest day. Sadly I think the fact that I hadn’t done any cardio (bar walking) in 6 days is catching up with me 😦  as I’ve noticed that I’m getting a double chin, so unfair! Seems muscular structure alone doesn’t even maintain your figure and I can’t believe how quickly weight catches up to you. Unfortunately I think the key is exercising every day and NEVER STOPPING!

Day 21 A really busy day spent driving to see my bro in his uni town, I managed to fit in a few exercises before we went out for a meal- Facial Basic, QVC Pregnant and Harpers Bazaar. When we got back it was too late (I had to get up in the morning) and I was too full to do anymore exercise.

Day 22 I did the following: Facial Basic, Thanksgiving, day 10 of Harpers Bazaar and Stacey standing abs (yay, finished!) Tracy Anderson Sky, Tracy Anderson Sweaty Betty, Tracy Anderson score sexy cleavage and  I didn’t do any cardio because everyone had gone to bed I did some extra muscular structure: Tracy Anderson on ABC arms, Maria Explains Free Arms and Standing Abs and Tracy Anderson ABC arms and legs I’m actually seeing a difference from the Facial exercises- my cheek bones are looking nice and defined- woo! Can’t wait for some more results!

Day 23 Another day where I just did walking for cardio due to everyone going to bed before I’d workout again. I finished day 10 of Tracy Anderson Thanksgiving! And day 14 of Facial Fitness! So new routine to follow. I also did Maria free arms and standing abs, Tracy Anderson Sweaty Betty, Tracy Anderson Sky and Tracy Anderson ABC arms.

Teen Meta Cardio Review & Thanksgiving Routine Day 15

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