Tracy Anderson’s Muscular Structure DVDs in order

These are Tracy Anderson’s DVDs which include muscular structure work in order. I haven’t included various tv appearances, magazine articles or webisodes that Tracy has appeared in as I have no idea when the majority of these were made so it would be a mind blowing feat and impossible to put them into order. Instead I think you can add in the webisodes wherever you feel best fit.

If you scroll down you can see that I’ve listed these DVDs in the following orders:

  • Chronologically
  • Recommended order
  • The order I’m completing them in

Chronological Order


Tracy Anderson Dance Aerobics


Tracy Anderson Mat Workout


Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy


Perfect Design Series 1


Perfect Design Series 2


Perfect Design Series 3


Tracy Anderson 30 Day method


A new round of metamorphosis continuity is released every 3 months


Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project


Tracy Anderson’s Total Body Mini Trampoline Workout


Teen Meta


Post Pregnancy 2


The Method for Beginners


Precision Toning




Japan Original Basic


Mat Workout For Beginners


Video Streaming


Method Express


Slim + Sculpt Cardio


Video Streaming for Beginners


Targeted Training Boot Camp

This is (in my mind) the ideal order to do the DVDs in:

Teen Meta. At aged 10 you can start doing Teen Meta, I’m not sure what age you “graduate” from Teen Meta- 18? 20?

The Method for Beginners Logically you would begin Tracy’s DVDs aimed at adults with the Beginners DVD, this is the easiest of the beginner mat workouts.

Mat Workout for Beginners– This is more challenging then The Method for Beginners and progressively gets harder as you go through the workouts.

Video Streaming for Beginners This is more challenging then the previous beginner workout due to it’s duration (60 minutes) and lack of direction during the workout. The moves aren’t too complex but this will increase your stamina.

Tracy Anderson Dance Aerobics. This is the first DVD which Tracy released which features muscular structure work. As the muscular structure isn’t very long it’s ideal to do this after you’ve mastered Teen Meta and the beginner workout DVDs which break down and explain the moves so you can freestyle along with Tracy in this workout.

Japan Original Basic This DVD is beginner/intermediate level and it’s easier than Method Express as there are no ankle weights and no planks.

Method Express This DVD is set at beginner/intermediate level, it’s slow paced, Tracy really talks you through each move, there’s a warm up section at the beginning of each section. There are a couple of more challenging moves but they’re low rep and the moves aren’t too complicated.

Tracy Anderson Targeted Training Boot Camp Although some of the moves in this are a bit complicated, they’re totally doable and this DVD is set at and intermediate level. It’s low rep, Tracy really nurses you through each of the moves and there are lots of breaks. Because you’re able to divide this workout into different “complete” sections, there are lots of warm ups and cool downs making this DVD easier overall.

Tracy Anderson Mat Workout. I have listed a lot of these DVDs in chronological order as Tracy’s method and complexity of her moves develop over time. Although the Mat Workout is a challenging DVD it is not as challenging as some of the moves in Perfect Design series which involve balance work with the chair.

Perfect Design Series 1

Perfect Design Series 2

Perfect Design Series 3

Tracy Anderson 30 Day Method  The 30 day method is more challenging then the Perfect Design Series as you can increase your reps to 60!

Tracy Anderson’s Total Body Mini Trampoline Workout. This is a shorter workout, which was made during the time that Tracy was also filming metamorphosis so some of the moves will be from that ethos but a simplified version. Great to do before you start your long metamorphosis journey!

Precision Toning

Japan Original Basic

Slim + Sculpt Cardio

Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project (you would ideally have all your children before you start metamorphosis as unfortunately if you don’t continue the routine for over a month you have to start again from the beginning!)

Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy

Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy 2 The official advice is that you alternate one day of Post Pregnancy with Post Pregnancy 2 for 4 weeks.

All of Metamorphosis together with the Transform series

Video Streaming Tracy says it’s best to start the Video Streaming once you’ve completed the first 3 months of year 4 of metamorphosis.

The following is the order that I am doing/have completed the DVDs in (those in green are DVDs that I have completed my 10 day rotation in):

Tracy Anderson Mat Workout Looking back on it I would’ve preferred to do Dance Aerobics first, making it in chronological order, but initially I decided to do my workouts in order of longest to shortest and the Mat Workout + Gwyneth Paltrow legs routine worked out as being the longest.

Tracy Anderson Dance Aerobics

Teen Meta.

Level 2 Unfortunately I didn’t get introduced to Tracy at aged 10 which is when you can start Teen Meta, but since this is where most humans would start Tracy being a teenager before becoming adult this is the next Tracy muscular structure DVD I moved onto after Tracy Anderson Dance Aerobics muscular structure, also Teen Meta wasn’t released when I started doing Tracy’s workouts. I had to skip Level 1 as I had ongoing knee problems so my physio advised me to avoid any plies.

The Method for Beginners. Although Teen Meta is probably more advanced then The Method for Beginners (except you don’t use any weights in Teen Meta) it would make sense that you do Teen Meta before you do The Method for Beginners as you are a teen before you become an adult! I planned on finishing Teen Meta before advancing to The Method for Beginners but as every single band I used snapped- sometimes even during the first time I used them I sadly had to give up! I would like to return to Teen Meta as it seems a shame and a waste buying it if I’m unable to do it, hopefully one day I’ll find a band that doesn’t snap.

Perfect Design Series 1 

Mat Workout for Beginners  You would ideally complete this after The Method for Beginners DVD as it’s more challenging, but as it is one of the newer Tracy DVDs I completed Perfect Design 1 before this was released

Total Body Mini Trampoline Workout I moved onto this workout after failing to complete Perfect Design Series 2 because I wanted something less challenging as I was getting ill frequently.

Video Streaming for Beginners This is the next level up of beginners workout which is ideal to master before you progress onto the Perfect Design Series which has more complex moves.

Slim + Sculpt Cardio Thanks to my chronic pain situation I’m not able to do as much exercise as I would like, so I’m slowly building myself up, and with this being the shortest of Tracy’s DVD/streaming workouts I’m yet to try, I decided to move onto this one.

Perfect Design Series 2

Perfect Design Series 3

Tracy Anderson 30 Day Method 

Precision Toning- The reason that I’m not doing metamorphosis until I finish all of the other DVDs is that Tracy says you have to continuously do the metamorphosis routines, if you don’t do metamorphosis for a month you have to start again from the beginning, so to avoid myself having to repeat any of the routines I’m leaving it until last.

Japan Original Basic

Method Express

Slim + Sculpt Cardio

All of Metamorphosis together with the Transform series.

Video Streaming I initially moved onto the video streaming as soon as it was released as a new workout is released every week and the old one disappears, so I didn’t want to miss out on any new Tracy workouts, but I started struggling as I still wanted to finish the existing workouts I started and I was pressed for time as I had lots of commitments so I’ve decided to revisit this once I’ve completed level 4.1 of metamorphosis as I will have built myself up to this workout level and as Tracy has said that this is the right time to move onto streaming.

(Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project, Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy 2 if/when I get pregnant)

So basically I’m planning on doing all the DVDs in chronological order apart from Teen and Beginner DVDs as they are more aimed at beginners so I’m doing them before moving onto the other DVDs and then doing metamorphosis and the pregnancy DVDs later as I don’t want to have to repeat them.

Tracy Anderson’s Cardio DVDs in order

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

Tracy Anderson Workout Add Ons

22 thoughts on “Tracy Anderson’s Muscular Structure DVDs in order

  1. Ashley

    I am using the beginners dvd and just ordered the precision toning dvd from amazon. You talked above about a 10 day rotation – when do you start this? Also what dvd would be good to use after the toning dvd? Also where do you work in the dance + cardio dvd and mat dvd? Thanks! I love the beginner dvd so far. Just bought a set of ankle weights this morning! 🙂

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Hi Ashley,

      Thanks for stopping by and glad to hear you’re trying the Tracy Anderson Method!

      The beginners DVD is a great place to start and Precision Toning is definitely good to go from there as Tracy really coaches you through all the moves which she doesn’t so much in the other DVDs.

      With the 10 day rotation Tracy recommends that you do each workout for 10 workouts (ideally 4-7 days a week) before moving onto the new routine, but if you’re an absolute beginner it might be good to wait until you’ve mastered each DVD before you move onto the next?

      After Precision Toning I would either move onto teen meta or Tracy Anderson Mat workout.

      Don’t worry teen meta isn’t just for teens! Teen meta is good to do as it’s shorter workouts- there’s 3 of them (each one is about 30 minutes, they’re definitely a good workout though) Tracy doesn’t use weights at all in these DVDs, instead she uses a stretchy resistance band- however a lot of people have had problems with these snapping and having to reorder them- including myself, I’ve actually given up on Teen Meta for the time being as I’ve literally bought every band I can think of to try and use in this workout but everytime they snap! So if you suffer from these problems maybe you could consider doing the workout without a stretchy band- I’m considering doing this as it seems like such a waste to have these dvds but not use them. Teen meta also includes about 21minutes of cardio as well.

      With the Tracy Anderson mat dvd this was Tracy’s first full length muscular structure dvd (toning dvd) and everyone loves it! It’s probably everyone’s most favourite tracy dvd. it’s 77 minutes long if you repeat the arm section (which tracy recommends) it has the best arm workout out of all of her dvds and as she released it earlier on in her career the moves although effective aren’t so advanced that they’re impossible/really hard to do like some of her later dvds- we’re talking lots of planks and complicated moves and equipment. With this DVD tracy gives a lot of instruction as well, whereas in teen meta she doesn’t give any.

      For the dance + cardio DVD and any other cardio dvds you should do these every day along side your toning (muscular structure dvds) like beginners or precision toning. Tracy says to do a minimum of 30 mins cardio and 30 mins toning 4 days a week- if you get really good you can work up to doing 1 hour toning and 1 hour cardio.

      Let me know how you get on! 🙂 Glad you’re loving it- funnily enough I’m doing the beginner dvd at the moment.

      1. Ashley

        Thank you so much! What cardio dvd do u recommend for new TA users? Dance + Cardio? Your post was very helpful!!!

      2. ljgodbolt Post author

        Glad I could help 🙂

        I’d definitely recommend dance + cardio as the best tracy anderson cardio dvd for new users, her trampoline workouts are also really good as well- I think it’s actually easier than dance cardio

  2. Ashley

    In the blog you were talking about rotating DVDs every 10 days. How many DVDs should you rotate? Ex- beginner, precision toning, and mat dvd? Thanks for all your help!!

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Hi again Ashley 🙂

      How are you getting on? According to Tracy you shouldn’t repeat the same muscular structure/toning DVD again after you’ve finished doing it 10 times, (you can do the cardio dvds as many times as you like) so you need to keep getting new dvds- the most money friendly way of doing this is to buy the metamorphosis dvds- they come in shipments that last 90 days and you keep progressing up the levels and onto new dvds, but if you’re at more of a more beginner level you might want to master some of her easier dvds before progressing onto metamorphosis

  3. Elisa

    Thank you so much for this! I have been meaning to get into TA again but I already quit twice because the first time I got discouraged by the not-user-friendly quality of the very first mat and dance cardio workouts, and the second, by the fact that I just couldn’t keep up with Metamorphosis. I have since bought several more but coulnd’t figure out what sequence to do them in, so this comes in really handy!

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Hi Elisa,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂 Hopefully you’ll find her beginner DVDs a bit more user friendly as she nurses you through each of the moves. I felt the same way about the first dance cardio DVD, her other ones are definitely a better starting place. Hope you get on ok and are able to progress, let me know how you do 🙂

  4. fatima

    Thank you for this great article; based on your experience can you recommend a dvd rotation for beginner ?

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      You’re welcome Fatima! For a beginner I would recommend the following:

      The Method for Beginners
      Mat Workout for Beginners
      and then you can either move onto Video Streaming for Beginners or if that’s too much of a commitment/too expensive move onto Tracy Anderson Mat Workout DVD.

      You shouldn’t rotate the DVDs though, you should do each one 10 times or until you’ve mastered it and then move on.

      Hope that helps!

  5. Grace

    How does Metamorphosis fit in? I’m crawling back to TA after 6 years of living in Heavy Weight Denial and I started with the Beginner’s Mat & Dance Cardio. Should I start Meta after that or do the 30 Day Method from the book?

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Hi Grace,

      If you’re planning on doing metamorphosis you could start it after beginners mat and not do the 30 day method beforehand as level 1 of metamorphosis is actually easier then the 30 day method as there are less reps (the 30 day method goes up to 60 reps) and the workout is shorter. Hope this helps let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

  6. yingxingz

    Hi thank you for the list! One question, I thought someone once to me precision toning was for beginners and easier than 30 day method of PDS, is it not the case? Thanks again.

    – Amy

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Hi Amy, thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

      I wouldn’t say precision toning was for beginners, I know Tracy gives more clear detailed instructions in it then she does in other workouts but the leg sections especially can be particularly challenging and her beginner workouts are much easier. Precision Toning may be easier than the 30 day method in the respect that there isn’t so many reps. Compared to Perfect Design Series, Precision Toning is actually a longer workout if you choose to repeat one of the sections which Tracy advises, however I don’t think there’s any harm in you doing Precision Toning before 30 Day Method of PDS.

      1. yingxingz

        Wow thank you so much for your explanation! I just started TA. I lost a lot of weight doing bodybuilding, but my quads and calves have bulked A TON!!!!! I also fell off the calorie /macro wagon and completely lost the definition of my abs and arms, I just want my body back! Have you noticed a lot of improvements on your lower body doing TAM?

  7. Kelsey

    How many days do you think you should do a DVD before moving on to the next one? I’ve been doing the beginner MAT for a month now and it’s not “easy” yet but I feel like maybe I should move on?

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Hi Kelsey, Tracy says to do each workout 10 times (apart from streaming which is 7 times) I personally would do it 10 times, but if there are any moves I couldn’t master after 10 times I would keep trying to master those individual moves until or got them, a month seems like a long time to be doing the same workout, don’t worry about it feeling “easy” I don’t think many workouts do!


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