Back pain to laziness Tracy Anderson Method Webisode Workout Days 3-14


For a breakdown of my routine click here

Day 3 I had a really stressful day- wedding stuff is going really wrong, I felt so stressed I didn’t really want to exercise but I knew it would help so I gave it a go! I tried to do Tracy Anderson but I’ve hurt the middle of my back on the right side so all the moves were really painful. I ended up doing a yoga dvd (Rodney Yee Hip Opening) which definitely helped eleviate my stress although it was still pretty painful. Today my back is REALLY painful, so I might not do anything at all except for going for a walk. I got my blood test results back and I’m low in iron (despite taking iron supplements) so need to go and see my doctor next week to get it sorted. Hopefully it will get sorted and I’ll feel brilliant! On the plus side the cardio I did the other day has made a big difference and I look pretty good, so need to make sure I stick with it once I’m able to.

Day 4 I went to Ikea with a friend and it really just made matters worse. My back hurt almost the entire time, getting in and out of the car was painful, trying to push the trolley was painful, certain movements of postures were painful, gah!! I’m not even risking facial exercises for fear that I’m going to somehow make my back worse!

Day 5 Another day with a painful back and no desire to exercise, although it does feel like it’s slowly getting better. I had what felt like an epiphany today. That it seems my body is totally resistant to me changing my shape through exercise. Normally it would be poor motivation that would stop me from regularly exercising and changing my shape but since mid February I’ve been DETERMINED to exercise every day but I never manage more then 3 days in a row before my body throws up some sort of physical ailment that blocks me from doing anymore. From a dodgy stomach, extreme exhaustion, painful arm to lower back pain and now mid back pain! I’m hoping that when I go to the doctors this Thursday for my low iron he will be able to give me something that will help me be much stronger in the future. I mean it can only get better!!

Day 6 I can feel the weight creeping up from the lack of exercise. Starting to feel quite restless so I’m sure I must be getting better!

Day 7 I went out for the day and my back hurt on a couple of occasions. I decided exercise wise that I would just do a couple of short tracy anderson webisodes so it wouldn’t have been a week since I last did them and would have to start again. But when I was exercising it was like my body way saying “Oh exercise I’ve missed you so much please exercise me more!” So I did 27min MS in total- yay! (Maria free arms, Tracy Anderson Webisode, Tracy Anderson Sky, Tracy Anderson ABC arms, Tracy Anderson ABC arms and legs and Sweaty Betty.) I didn’t do any cardio as it was very late when I’d finished the MS. My back did just twinge once while exercising so I’m gonna do some yoga and then pilates next time I exercising. Today thankfully my back doesn’t hurt at all- hooray! 🙂

Day 8 Ok laziness on my part, I just didn’t exercise!

Day 9 A day of feeling very restless and staying up late with a friend I managed just Tracy Anderson ABC arms before I conked out.

Day 10 Not a great day, got up early to go to the doctors (we’re talking early for me) to find out it was a wasted trip as the nurse had given me the wrong results- turns out there’s nothing wrong with me, so I’m just going to make sure I eat properly in a bid to stop myself from feeling so weak and tired. After I got back from the docs I went back to bed and then had that horrible drowsy feeling for the rest of the day when you have bad sleep during the day. I also went to another friend’s house and got back too late for exercise- woops!

Day 11 I managed some MS but no cardio- this is what I did Tracy Anderson Webisode, Tracy Anderson ABC arms, Tracy Anderson ABC arms & legs, Tracy Anderson Maria free arms and standing abs, Tracy Anderson Sweaty Betty and Tracy Anderson Sky.

Day 12 I did the exact same workout as yesterday and finished day 10 of Tracy Anderson Sky– yippee! No cardio again as I was pressed for time.

Day 13 I managed to leave my laptop charger at my Dad’s so had to just do some exercise from memory- Tracy Anderson ABC Arms and that was it!

Day 14 MUCH BETTER! Despite not having my laptop charger and a dead iPod I did what I could with what I had on DVD- a 30 min Tracy Anderson cardio DVD, Tracy Anderson ABC, my PM yoga dvd for the first time which made me feel SO wonderfully chilled out! I recommend it to EVERYONE! And then facial fitness workout 1. SO good to have a good full workout again- I’ve really missed it 🙂 I also had a really nice compliment from a friend today about my “toned slim figure”! This is coming from a friend who looks like a total bombshell!

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3 thoughts on “Back pain to laziness Tracy Anderson Method Webisode Workout Days 3-14

  1. Kim

    Iron meds will kill you ( your liver–studies have proven) Try blackstrap mollases. Works every time 3 TBlspoons a day until goal is reached.


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