Tracy Anderson New Years Webisode Workout Routine Days 4-10


For a breakdown of my workout click here

Day 4 Pretty worn out from a LONG flight, I decided just to try and get in some arms legs and stomach moves from Tracy Anderson so I did Tracy Anderson Maria Free Arms and Good Morning America Omni. Felt surprisingly good after my flight, I put this down to getting as much sleep as I possibly could.

Day 5 I just did the bare minimum Tracy Anderson again- Maria free arms and Good morning america omni.

Day 6 My friend is here now visiting so importance is put on sight seeing over exercise. I have got THE most painful ulcer in the world, I can’t even eat or talk properly so facial exercise is definitely out of the question although I did just do the ear massage move. I also got in some Tracy Anderson arms legs and stomach moves in as little time as possible- Good Morning America Omni and day 10 of Maria Free Arms– hooray! 😀 I had planned on doing a yoga dvd as recommended by the NHS website as a way of reducing stress thus reducing the damn ulcer, but I was so tired I went to bed instead. Annoyingly I then woke up at 3am in the morning, it’s now 5am here and I can’t get back to sleep hence why I’m typing away on this. VERY VERY VERY frustrated, I am definitely going to try and make some time for yoga and Tracy Anderson, when I feel better and have a bit more time I’ll do some cardio too.

Day 7 A really  long day- I didn’t do ANY exercise woops! Just went straight to bed when I got home, but I should have more time soon to do stuff so watch this space…

Day 8 Thankfully I now have some effective ulcer medicine although it does still kill so I’ve decided to do some yoga everyday until it clears up. I did 1 hour of muscular structure today as I am still fragile, a bit jet lagged and adjusting to the hot climate so I wanted to ease myself into doing cardio again. So I did Rodney Yee’s yoga Hip opening as I had a bit of a bad back and wanted to ease any aches and pains, I felt wonderful afterwards, really relaxed and chilled, Tracy Anderson Good Morning America Metamorphosis Glute for the first time, it’s another balancing exercise which I was a bit wobbly on, Tracy Anderson New Years Webisode, Tracy Anderson Cosmo Score a sexy cleavage, Tracy Anderson E Gwyneth leg, which is still really hard and takes your breathe away, good job you only have to do 10 on each side! (this replaces Tracy Anderson ABC arms and legs for my New Years Webisode workout routine) Good Morning America Metamorphosis Omni, Tracy Anderson Connect abs, which was pretty difficult as I haven’t done a lot of ab work for a while and I saw instant results! and Tracy Anderson Tips for Problem areas, which last move which involves 60 reps on each side was pretty tiring and I was shaking by the end, I’m sure a lot of this is due to adjusting to the heat again. However post exercise I was really buzzing 🙂 Also had a really healthy meal for the first time in a while and this made me feel BRILLIANT!

Day 9 I annoyingly didn’t get around to exercising until really late at night so I finished at about 2:30am. As it was so late I couldn’t do any cardio as I’d wake everyone up but I did make sure I got in an hour of muscular structure this is what I did: The ear massage from facial fitness (still got a painful ulcer), Tracy Anderson Net a Porter for the first time- this was actually a lot easier then I thought it’d be, Tracy Anderson New Years, Tracy Anderson E! Get Gwyneth’s butt– I was quite put off from doing this as it hurt so much on day 8, but I’m glad I forced myself to do it as I actually found it easier the day before so obviously I’m improving! I also did Tracy Anderson Cosmo Score a sexy cleavage, Tracy Anderson Connect abs, tracy anderson good morning america omni and glute, Tracy Anderson Kelly Ripa and Yoga PM to finish. I’m really enjoying that DVD, Colleen is such a sweetie and it’s so relaxing! I was pretty exhausted today as had to get up early and didn’t get much sleep, my legs were quite achey but I’m definitely seeing an improvement.

Day 10 Determined not to make the same mistake as day 9 (leave my exercise until really late) and aware that I needed to get an early night I did my exercise at the earliest opportunity and I’m very happy! I got in 30 mins cardio- just dance cardio step touching, I will build up to proper full pelt cardio soon, I just need my body to adapt as it’s a bit battered at the moment. I also did Rodney Yee AM yoga, which I’m not that keen on, but at least it’s easy, facial fitness ear massage and to get in my Tracy Anderson I did Tracy Anderson Fit Minute and Tracy Anderson Fitness tone your arms beginner. Felt quite achey afterwards, but it completely woke me up and it was great to do some cardio after such a while! The next day my thighs were really aching but I could definitely see some results and I’m really enjoying the regular yoga, I think it’s good for me, when I go back to my normal routine I need to make sure I incorporate this more regularly.

Tracy Anderson New Years Webisode Workout Routine Days 2 and 3

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