Tracy Anderson TV show and clothing shop!!!!!!!!


Oh the world is a wonderful place, especially when it’s full of exciting new Tracy Anderson news!

This Summer Tracy Anderson and Gwyneth will be opening a clothing store next to Tracy’s Brentwood studio!

Tracy says: “It’s for the working Mom (Mum) who has an exercise lifestyle. I’m not going to be selling Alexander McQueen dresses.”

Well lets hope that the price of the clothing isn’t Alexander McQueen level!  I wonder what sort of things Tracy will stock? Her own workout clothes? Perhaps workout wear by the likes of Phat Buddah whom make her new workout line? Maybe even other Tracy approved workout clothing such as Nike, Adidas, Juicy Couture and Kings of Cole.


Now for the even more exciting piece of Tracy news: Tracy’s developing two TV shows (with Gwynnie) one of which will be about exercise (duh!). Which makes me wonder what the other show will be about?! Let’s hope it’s not nutrition. The shows are currently in the production stages…….

This isn’t the first time we’ve been told Tracy will have a TV show; in 2010 Tracy was lined up to do a reality TV programme which would follow her training sessions and celebrity clients. It was going to due to be produced by Ryan Seacrest for the CW but unfortunately didn’t come into fruitation, I wonder if this new show is the same format?

Anyway check out the full article where I obtained this wonderful info from here

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