Tracy Anderson Gwyneth Grammy Arms Routine Days 1-4


For a breakdown of my workout click here

These first few days I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted my new routine to involve so my workouts aren’t that structured…

Day 1 Today I’ve been pretty ill again- cold, headache, full body rash, sore throat and to top it off I now I have a dodgy stomach- I basically can’t eat anything without having to run to the toilet afterwards!

Sooooooo the only body part that I can really exercise is my arms! So I did the arm section from Tracy Anderson on Extra! and Tracy Anderson Intermediate Tone your arms in 3 moves for the first time, making my whole arm workout about 10 minutes in total. I did feel good after my little workout, looking forward to when I can exercise properly again!

Day 2 Another day, another dodgy stomach, so it was just arms once again- I did Tracy Anderson Tone your arms in 3 moves intermediate and advanced, Gwyneth Grammy arms and the arms section from Tracy Anderson Todays. The Todays webisode was SO hard- 80 reps- argh!!! I couldn’t manage them all at once and had to take breaks, hopefully by the end of the 10 days I will have mastered it 🙂

Day 3 Yep still got a dodgy stomach! Should I go to the doctors? I FORCED myself to do Tracy Anderson E! Get a butt like Gwyneth because I didn’t want to leave it over a week since I’d last done it and that was all the exercise I managed!

Day 4 I felt very stiff and achey so decided to do yoga. This was a good day for me as I actually got my 30 mins cardio in- I only did step touching as still feeling fragile. Yoga wise I did Coleen Saidman PM Yoga for Beginners. I honestly can’t recommend this DVD enough- every time I do it I’m amazed at how relaxed and brilliant I feel! I also did Facial Fitness routine 1 and for Tracy Anderson I did Fit Minute and Tone your arms in 3 moves beginner.

Tracy Anderson Gwyneth Grammy Arms Routine Days 5 and 6

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