Tracy Anderson Cosmo Your Butt, Only Better

tracy anderson cosmo Your butt only better

Time: 9 minutes
Areas worked: Legs
Equipment needed: None

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I just did this workout for the first time and it was SO hard!! I’m not sure if this was down to the fact that I’m on my second day into a detox and my body seems to have gone into shock but I actually found it really hard work. For the first move you will feel like you need knee pads to deal with the twisting motion on your knees. The second move is actually relatively easy- hooray! The third move is quite difficult and hard to get all your reps in without stopping, you will definitely need your supporting foot on the mat or it’ll just slide down the floor and you’ll fall down. I normally exercise using a yoga mat folded over as it’s not usually thick enough for my knees so in this case I put two yoga mats on top of each other. Yes the last move should be pretty easy but for some reason balancing on your forearms is pretty hard (Tracy is tricky!) and the high reps don’t make it much easier either.

Oh by the way Tracy’s outfit- which I love is by Hussein Chalayan for Puma. I haven’t been able to find it online but I will keep a lookout for it.

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