Tracy Anderson Gwyneth Grammy Arms Routine Day 5 and 6


For a breakdown of my workout click here

Day 5 Becoming increasingly frustrated with my body- as if getting the motivation alone wasn’t a big enough obstacle, I had awful stomach cramps midway through my muscular structure so I was left with only being able to do arm exercises- I did Grammy arms, Tone your arms in 3 moves beginner, intermediate and advanced. I’ve decided to go on a detox for a bit in a bid to fight whatever food seems to be upsetting my body.

Day 6 Hooray the detox has helped! So for the first time in ages I ate well enough that I’m actually prepared to write what I ate! So basically I’ve had stomach problems and various other ailments for quite a while which has stopped me from exercising. I think the stomach problems have been made worse by eating chocolate and drinking coke so I thought doing a detox- adhering to the Carol Vorderman detox rules. This is what I had:

2 slices of wheatfree bread with avocado and hummus spread, salad leaves and smoked salmon (meat is allowed on the Carol Vorderman detox, but I thought this would be ok)

A home made banana and strawberry smoothie

Apple juice

Orange juice


Workout recovery juice

I then made the mistake of going to the shopping centre; I started to get a really bad headache- no doubt due to sugar/caffeine/something withdrawal. I had all sorts of cravings and eventually gave into some mini pretzels from M&S. Ok not perfect detox material but not the worst thing I could have in the world and I think I normally fail and detoxes when I try and go out as all or nothing so my main focus really is to have more fruit and veg and cut out the sugar and caffeine.

I’m very happy to report that I’ve had NO health problems (well apart from the headache but that’s to be expected) and I feel a lot better and I’m actually able to exercise yippee! So I did my routine perfectly, struggling a bit with Get a butt like Gwyneth and only step touched during my 30 minutes cardio as I had a headache at this point so I wanted to go easy on myself. As my facial dvd was only 11 minutes long I also did Tone your arms in 3 moves intermediate and advanced to make my whole session up to 1 hour.

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