Tracy Anderson Gwyneth Grammy Arms Routine Day 7


For a breakdown of my workout click here

Whoa! Well food wise I had:

A strawberry and banana smoothie- yum!
A slice of wheat free bread with avocado and hummus spread and mixed leaves
Orange juice
Apple, beetroot and carrot juice
Veggie patty with other vegetables with quinoa
Pineapple, banana and orange smoothie

Now I know that doesn’t look like a lot of food but I actually wasn’t that hungry and the smoothies were really filling and each contained a couple of bananas so don’t start worrying that I’m not getting enough calories!

I felt really achey all day- I’m dying for a massage! Thankfully I didn’t have an awful headache like yesterday. Despite feeling worn out I forced myself to exercise though. I’m alternating my normal routine with a new Tracy Anderson routine that I haven’t done so today I did Tracy Anderson Cosmo Your Butt, Only better. It was SO HARD. I think or at least hope this was down to my body being in a bit of shock as it’s the second day on the detox, it was SO difficult. I really didn’t think I would be able to manage the rest of my exercise as I felt so sick and shaky afterwards but thankfully I did it!

I did 30 mins cardio and it was probably the most pathetic attempt at cardio that’s ever happened- I was basically step dragging rather then step touching, BUT at least I did it! For the rest of my muscular structure I did Tracy Anderson Fit Minute– which actually wasn’t as hard as I was dreading and Tracy Anderson Tone our arms in 3 moves beginner. I also did Facial Fitness Routine 3.

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