Tracy Anderson Gwyneth Grammy Arms Routine Day 8


For a breakdown of my workout click here

Today was a good day, I got all of my exercise out of the way early in the day- did it 1 hour after my first meal of the day. It was good and I’m happy to report no headaches, shaking or feeling faint 🙂

I prioritised cardio as recently I haven’t been able to do a full 30 minutes at full octane no step touching, the last few times I have done cardio I hadn’t even attempted to do more then step touching because I was feeling so weak or ill but I decided to push myself and started off with rebounder cardio. I managed 23 minutes before it all got to much and took a break. I then did dance cardio and was able to finish it without any breaks so I feel like progressing 🙂

I did my normal routine but found I was quite struggling with Tracy Anderson E! Get a butt like Gwyneth– I hope I can manage the full 10 reps in a row before my 10 workout rotation of that exercise is over. As my Facial Fitness for today was a couple of minutes shorter I also did Tracy Anderson Tone your arms in 3 moves Intermediate. The back of my legs do feel a bit achey so hopefully there’s some sort of miraculous change happening there!

I weighed myself and took my measurements today which is the first time I have done since November. There’s not much of a difference, I’ve gained 2lbs and 1cm in total, so I suppose it’s a comfort that I maintain without really trying- although it would be fantastic to lose lots of cm without really trying! I’ve decided to try and be more consistant with measuring and weighing, especially as I have a wedding next year! So my plan is to try and do it after I finish a 10 day rotation of my routine and if I’m not seeing good improvements change something like my diet or do more exercise.

Food wise today I had

Pineapple, orange and banana smoothie
orange juice
Soba noodles with stir fried vegetables- here’s the recipe
M&S high quality cod fillets in bread crumb (I mention the M&S bit as it makes it seem better then just normal breaded fish) with baked beans
I started to crave sugar/chocolate/caffeine so tried to satisfy this with a scone! And then about 3 teaspoons full of ice cream. It seems to have dulled my craving but not really hit the spot!
Grape juice

Tracy Anderson Gwyneth Grammy Arms Routine Day 7

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