Tracy Anderson Gwyneth Grammy Arms Routine Days 9-13


For a breakdown of my workout click here

Day 9 Today I tried out a new Tracy Anderson routine- Get Stronger and leaner with dumbbells It was really good actually- quite challenging without being impossible, although it was definitely more towards the impossible side. I also fitted in some more muscular structure- Tracy Anderson Get a butt like Gwyneth, which I am getting better at, Tracy Anderson Fit minute and Tracy Anderson Grammy Arms. As we were going out for a meal I left the cardio and as I had a bit of wine with a quite rich meal I decided to give the cardio a miss when I got back.

This is what I ate today:

Scone (probably not the healthiest breakfast but it was the most convenient

Strawberry and banana smoothie

Stir fried summer vegetables

A meal at an Italian restaurant- I wasn’t trying to be particularly good as it was a meal out! So no need to list all the lovely cheese I had!

Day 10 Oh dear seems my day without cardio and eating tiramisu with espresso in it and sips of red wine have turned into a downward spiral. I felt sluggish and disgusting all day and only managed Tracy Anderson Grammy Arms. Bad me!!!

Day 11 Got up early, didn’t have enough sleep so really didn’t feel up to exercise and had a busy day. I did manage to resist chocolate and caffeine though.

Day 12 Another busy day with no exercise and I was particularly bad because I ended up drinking coke and having 2 Cadburys creme eggs! A definite low.

Day 13 The dark days are over! With a free house I managed to coax myself into doing some exercise. When I don’t exercise for a few days I always end up building it up in my head as being a big unmovable block when really it’s not that hard. So in order to make it seem a bit easier I decided to try a new routine- which always has an appeal, instead of pilates which I am due to do, which does take a bit longer then my usual routine. So I did Tracy Anderson Dr Oz which was fun and then Tracy Anderson Fit Minute, Tracy Anderson Grammy Arms, Tracy Anderson Tone your arms in 3 moves beginner, and day 10 of Tracy Anderson E! Get a butt like Gwyneth– hooray! And I’m pleased to say I managed all the reps without pausing, so that’s now ticked off the list and I’ll have to find another short routine to replace it. I then did 30 mins cardio all rebounder and thankfully it didn’t wear me out so I was able to do it without pausing. Feeling happy and lifted after the exercise- I always feel brilliant after exercising, why would I ever put it off or think that it’s not fun? I think sometimes the thought of it is worse then it actually is. I’m also enjoying just doing 30 mins MS and 30 mins cardio as it seems more doable, but should I aim to do more? I’m feeling a bit torn…. Perhaps I could focus on my diet more and keep my cardio to 30 mins, but however do longer muscular structure if I need to, for example some of Tracy’s DVDs are longer then 30 mins like the Perfect Design Series and 30 day method.

Tracy Anderson Gwyneth Grammy Arms Routine Day 8

Slimming and Anti Cellulite Massage + Tracy Anderson Grammy Arms Routine Days 14-16

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