Slimming and Anti Cellulite Massage + Tracy Anderson Grammy Arms Routine Days 14-16


For a breakdown of my routine click here

Day 14 Unfortunately today I had a dodgy stomach (AGAIN!!) so was just limited to arm exercises so I did Tracy Anderson Gwyneth Paltrow Grammy Arms, Tracy Anderson Fitness Tone your arms in 3 moves beginner and intermediate.

Day 15 Annoyingly I left too late in the day to exercise and had to get up early the following day for a flight so I just managed Tracy Anderson Gwyneth Paltrow Grammy ArmsTracy Anderson Fitness Tone your arms in 3 moves beginner and intermediate again as well as some random Tracy Anderson ab and leg moves in an attempt to make myself look better in a bikini on hols!

Day 16 Not feeling great in a bikini, I think focusing on diet is the way forward! Went for a Slimming and anti cellulite massage and it was bloody horrible! I literally felt like I was being beaten up- it was so so painful, my Fiance commented on my giving birth like breathing during. The therapist/butcher started by pinching my hips, and thighs and then basically smacked and hit the crap out of them for ages and ages and ages which I jealously looked over at my fiance getting a nice relaxing oil massage. It was SO painful, my legs were red, really warm and bruised afterwards. They still hurt today actually to the point where I’ve turned down getting a massage because they feel so tender. I really don’t want anyone touching them. Has it made any difference? Well I still have cellulite, I may be a little bit slimmer but I can’t tell if this is down to the massage or not. I think this massage must definitely help your circulation, whether that helps your metabolism or not I don’t know- I do know that I wasn’t very hungry for the rest of the day and had more energy then usual and a desire to exercise. In a way it does feel like my legs have been really exercised, but believe me you would choose the hardest workout any day over this massage, don’t think of it as an easy way out of exercising or a short cut, because it’s really not. It’s torture. In fact that massage would work as a great motivator to exercise and eat healthily if you were to be punished with it if you didn’t.

Exercise wise I had to alter my routine as I didn’t want to take mini weights with me on holiday so I continued with Tracy Anderson Fit minute and for my arms did Tracy Anderson The Early Show Keeping Fitness Resolutions. This workout does kill your arms, probably due to the duration, but the stomach section isn’t too hard as it’s only a few reps.

Day 17 A perfect exercise day- wahoo!! Amazingly I did all my muscular structure and cardio and I got it done quite early in the day which unnerved me a bit as for the rest of the day I felt that I needed to go and exercise even though I had actually done it.

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