Tracy Anderson Keeping Fitness Resolutions Routine


I’m still keeping my routine to only 30 minutes muscular structure and 30 minutes cardio as I will be going back to England soon and will be pushed for time while I’m there so I don’t want to commit to a longer routine if I’m unable to do it.

This is my new exercise routine using the How to design your own exercise routine principals:

Warm up from Tracy Anderson JLO Venus (1 minute)

Tracy Anderson Score Sexy Cleavage (4 minutes)

Tracy Anderson The Early Show Keeping Fitness Resolutions (6 minutes)

Get Julianne Hough’s Strong Sexy Legs (1 minute)

Tracy Anderson Good Morning America Omnicentric (1 minute)

Leg stretches (3 minutes)

Facial Fitness Exercises Alternating routine 1-4. As these routines vary in time from 11-14 minutes I will do extra exercise to make up my entire workout up to 30 minutes when my facial routine is less then 14 minutes.

Tracy Anderson Keeping Fitness Resolutions Routine Days 1-9

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