Tracy Anderson Keeping Fitness Resolutions Routine Days 1-9


For a breakdown of my workout click here

Day 1 Oh dear I’m beginning to flag again- finished off the remaining mini routines from my larger routine so have now completed day 10 of Tracy Anderson Fit minute, Tracy Anderson Tone your arms in 3 minutes beginner and intermediate so I can start my new routine fresh! Didn’t really have the inclination to do anything else.

Day 2 Felt lazy and bored all day and didn’t do any exercise! Boo hoo! I did spend ages trying to decide on what I was going to do for my next 9 routines- the reason being is that we’re in the middle of moving to another country and have to have a lot of stuff shipped which means I won’t see the stuff for a while so I was trying to work out if I can fit in 9 workouts with as little exercise equipment as possible. So I’ll just be using my 1lb weights until August!

Day 3 When I find it really difficult to face exercise I try and make it as easy for myself as possible- so I only did muscular structure. I did Tracy Anderson ABC Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Workout for the first time and then the rest of my routine. Tracy Anderson Get Julianne Hough’s Strong sexy legs was particularly hard I could really feel it burning my hips!

Day 4 My hips were still hurting from yesterday. I did Tracy Anderson Cosmo Slim and Sexy all over for the first time, facial fitness, Sweaty Betty, Good morning america Omni and Tone your arms in 3 moves advanced. I was really enjoying the muscular structure and didn’t want to stop! Cardio wise I unfortunately only managed 13 minutes as my knee really started hurting so ended up stopping. But at least I tried and it was a step up from yesterday.

Day 5 I didn’t leave myself enough time to exercise-woops!

Day 6 Got up early to say goodbye to our friends who had been staying with us as they left to go to the airport so I was pretty exhausted all day and didn’t exercise.

Day 7 I’d left exercise until late in the evening, but had some gorgoues new Nike lycra legging type things so wanted to give them a spin and did Good morning america Omni and Dr Oz as I couldn’t face the Julianne Hough hip killing exercise- I did attempt it but it still hurt so I gave up!

Day 8 We haven’t got much food in and the local shops don’t really have anything healthy- pizzas and general rubbish so my eating has been quite bad although I have TRIED to be as good as I could which has given me a poorly stomach, lack of energy and not much enthusiasm for exercise. I however decided to do an arm routine as it wouldn’t be too taxing so did Tracy Anderson Cosmo Upper Body Blast for the first time and Good morning america Omni as it’s nice and easy 🙂

Day 9 Ate a lot better- a hummus and veggie ciabatta and some crisps (ok I know they’re not THAT healthy) and some salmon with asparagus. I had a perfect exercise day for the first day in ages! I decided to do 2 hours in total as I had some free time, I was a bit daunted initially and wanted to put it off but I’m glad that I didn’t. I started by doing my more than mat pilates cardio flow dvd as I’ve been meaning to do my pilates dvd for literally months now. I then did 60 mins cardio- I started off on the rebounder but got a stitch so ended up doing dance cardio- unfortunately my stamina didn’t last very long and the majority of it was step touching but at least I actually did it! I did it without the air conditioning on so I was sweating like crazy but I felt BRILLIANT! Why do I ever put it off? And then to fit in some Tracy Anderson muscular structure I did the dreaded Julianne Hough legs which still killed and I had to keep stopping for breaks. And then Tracy Anderson Bloomberg workout in the office. I also did facial fitness 1. Once I’m settled in Australia I’m DEFINITELY going to sort out my diet big style! 2 juices and 2 perricone meals a day plus exercise should be perfect! 🙂

Tracy Anderson Keeping Fitness Resolutions Routine Day 10

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