Tracy Anderson Keeping Fitness Resolutions Days 11-13


For a breakdown of my workout click here

Day 11 I’m so annoyed that I didn’t get my full exercise routine in! It was a really busy day as we had to pack up all of our stuff to be shipped to Australia, so I didn’t have time to exercise after breakfast as I was busy doing that. After lunch the packers were here so I couldn’t exercise then. I managed to fit in a small amount of exercise before we went out in the evening- I did Tracy Anderson InStyle Ab perfecter for the first time, Good morning america omni and the dreaded Julianne Hough workout. After dinner we walked some of the way home which made me feel a bit better, I could’ve literally walked for miles though although not at night by myself and as my fiance wanted to get home I couldn’t do anymore walking. I think I generally ate too much yesterday, when we got in I was too full after the meal to do any form of cardio other then walking and it was pretty late so I ended up doing some free arms before I went to bed. Still feeling guilty! Will make sure I’m good in the future!

Day 12 We had to leave the house in a pristine state as it was going to be inspected by the landlord before we left so I was only able to do a little bit of exercise so I did Dr Oz and then we were out until the next morning. I was itching to do more all day!

Day 13 Success! Got my full workout in 🙂 Only did an hour as I’ve decided just to do 1 hr on the weekends while I’m with my fiance so we can spend more time together 🙂 I wasn’t as good at the cardio as my last attempt, but I’m going to keep pushing myself. I think I’m actually improving at the Julianne Hough exercise and it’s amazing how lifted my mood is after exercise! It’s also amazing how much your body adjusts to exercise and craves it, as I’d only done an hour I spent a lot of the rest of the evening’s quality time with my finance wanting to do more exercise!

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