Tracy Anderson Keeping Fitness Resolutions Days 14-16


For a breakdown of my workout click here

Day 14 Another really long day where I didn’t get in until after midnight. Maybe I should get up earlier in future? I didn’t want to do any cardio when I got back as I didn’t want to wake the neighbours up and I wasn’t in the mood to do any difficult muscular structure so I just did a few random webisodes- here is what I did: Tracy Anderson ABC Post Pregnancy to time how long it took, I also did good morning america omni, but none of the other exercises from my normal routine because I couldn’t face them, Tracy Anderson Tone your arms in 3 moves advanced as it’s not very intimidating, Tracy Anderson Instyle ab perfecter as it’s a shortish stomach workout and then finally Dr Oz as it’s really enjoyable and is a nice short but sweet full body workout.

Day 15 Before we went out for a meal I did 1 hour cardio, Tracy Anderson Instyle ab perfecter and Tracy Anderson Sweaty Betty and planned to do a yoga dvd when I got back in. Unfortunately after the meal I was full and really tired so didn’t do anymore exercise. Note to self- always exercise as early in the day as possible! And I might even work out a schedule where if need be I set up an alarm and get up extra early just so I can fit it in.

Day 16 Today was the day that I flew back to England! I had planned on doing 1 hr cardio and 1 hr muscular structure to try and tire myself out as much as possible before the flight, but unfortunately due to time constraints I could only do 30 mins of each. I did yoga hip opening (I always try and do a yoga dvd before a flight to get a good stretch to relieve the acheyness after a flight) and for my dose of Tracy Anderson I did Instyle ab perfecter and Sweaty Betty and facial fitness routine 4.

Tracy Anderson Keeping Fitness Resolutions Days 11-13

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