Tracy Anderson Dance Cardio Workout

Warm up time: 5 minutes
Cardio time front: 37 minutes
Cardio time back: 37 minutes
Equipment needed: None

This is where most of you may have first heard of Tracy Anderson- this was her first “big” DVD released and was advertised on TV as being the DVD of Gwyneth and Madonna’s personal trainer. The DVD has several choreographed dance cardio routines which you can view from the front or the back and with a break down section of each routine. This DVD also has a thorough warm up section which you may want to use if you’re doing other exercise dvds which don’t include a warm up. Initially the dance routines can be pretty difficult to follow, in fact I know of a few people who gave up on Tracy Anderson after trying this DVD, but stick with it and you’ll eventually get there. It’s a shame that Tracy didn’t initially release a muscular structure DVD as it’s easier to get into or for her first cardio dvd to be unchoreographed much like Metamorphosis or 30 day method.

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3 thoughts on “Tracy Anderson Dance Cardio Workout

  1. Amber

    She did release a muscular structure DVD, maybe before or at the same time as this DC. I think Tracy Anderson Mat was her first “big” DVD.

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Hi Amber,

      Unfortunately her mat dvd was released a while after the DC dvd, I remember after I bought the DC dvd I had to order the Mat DVD from the US as it wasn’t released in the UK for quite a while and didn’t receive as much publicity. Are you from the US as it may have been a different situation there…


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