Tracy Anderson Keeping Fitness Resolutions Days 20-28

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Day 20 Last night I made the mistake of having a sip (literally we’re talking sips here) too much of alcohol so I was feeling worse for wear today. Unfortunately I only managed 20 minutes walking, I had planned on doing more but it got quite cold so tomorrow I’m going to prioritise cardio. Toning/muscular wise I managed to get an hour in, this is what I got up to:

I tested Tracy Anderson E! Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy workout for the first time, it was actually quite hard but I put this down to the alcohol in my system as my muscles felt unbelievably tight. I also did the rest of my routine to make it up to a full hour. I’m struggling with Tracy Anderson Good Morning America Meta Abcentric workout, but hopefully with practice I’ll be able to get all of the reps in in one go. I’m still enjoying my facial toner, the only annoying aspect is that while I try to put it on the highest setting I can to work my face muscles quite often I have to change it to a much lower setting as my teeth hurt so much and I feel like my facial muscles aren’t being as challenged as much as they could be because of this. There are 17 levels on the facial toning devise and I can see that my muscles will progressively get stronger so I will be able to increase the levels but I don’t think if my teeth are every going to feel less painful which means I’m quite limited by this! Any advise would be much appreciated! Maybe I could try using a sensitive toothpaste?

Day 21 I woke up with a sore lower bottom thanks to all the butt lifts I did the day before. Today I definitely prioritised cardio as went for a 2 1/2 hour walk, although this definitely didn’t help my bottom situation! Toning wise I didn’t do any leg exercises or abs as they involved moving my legs too as I wanted to give my bum a bit of a break so this is what I did: Upper body blast, gmtv arms and tone your arms in 3 moves advanced. I also did my facial toning and noticed that my face felt really tight afterwards (in a good way) I’m a bit miffed though as I know have a red mark under my eye where I used the device and it’s still there the following day- NOT good.

Day 22 Really hectic day including a long road journey so I was pretty tired and didn’t get any exercise in.

Day 23 Another long day but I felt more inclined to do some exercise so I did the brilliant all round workout Dr Oz! It completely energised me and made me want to do more but unfortunately I have to get up early tomorrow so I’m heading to bed 🙂

Day 24 Really long day- we were out for 12 hours and so no time for exercising when we got in- boo.

Day 25 I prioritised lying in the sunshine over exercising and planned to exercise once it got dark but by then I’d eaten too much food and the little bit of alcohol that I had had made me feel sleepy. If you’ve read any of my posts before you probably know that I can’t handle my alcohol at all! I’ve limited myself to 2 gulps of wine maximum but still I don’t think it’s brilliant for me so I’m going to try and cut down as I’m sure it’s making me put on weight and crave bad foods.

Day 26 Really limited space in the room that I was staying and also pressed for time so exercise wise I did gmtv arms, sweaty betty, Tracy Anderson Dr Oz , Fitness Resolutions, Julianne Hough and Kim Kardashian

Day 27 I felt like I worked my arse off today! Was at a wedding all day so did what exercise I could before I got ready, after I got ready and late at night after I’d left. I basically got a perfect hour of muscular structure in which included day 10 of my favourite little workout Tracy Anderson Dr Oz so I need to find a new workout to replace that.  I did facial exercise routine one which only lasts 12 minutes I did Tracy Anderson E! Workouts don’t lie. Today was a bit of a shocker for me as I decided to wear my “go-to” dress for weddings and I couldn’t bloody zip it up! I managed to get into it eventually but it was really uncomfortable- physically and to my self esteem too! I really need to make sure I keep on the exercise because this body mass just seems to creep up from no where! I’m definitely feeling a lot more motivated to exercise every day now as I don’t want to have to experience that again!

Day 28 All day I was desperate to do some exercise but annoyingly when I got round to it I was really pressed for time so just did Beginners Dance Cardio warm upTracy Anderson Nicole Richie Workout, tone your arms in 3 moves advanced, Tracy Anderson E! Fitness tips and days 10 of Julianne Hough and Fitness Resolutions– yippee! I was finally able to master 30 reps of the tricky Julianne Hough move 🙂

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