Niketown purchases


Back in England I couldn’t miss the opportunity for some Niketown purchases, for some reason while making workout attire purchases I feel much more virtuous then when buying other clothes.

Nike-Pro-Hypercool-Womens-Capris-522696_010_A Nike-Pro-Hypercool-Womens-Capris-522696_010_B

Nike Pro Hypercool Women’s Capris

“The Nike Pro Hypercool Women’s Capris feature sweat wicking fabric, amble ventilation and a compression fit for supportive comfort when worm alone or as a base layer.”

I’m trying to make my way up to owning 7 pairs of workout trousers/capris to get me through a week’s worth of exercise and to save on having to wash them all the time! I really like this pair of capris, they’re much more lightweight then any other exercise capris I own, even though they also have Dri-FIT touch fabric, they’re also more flexible then other Nike Capris I own which is fantastic when you’ve put on a bit of weight thanks to weeks of cardio deprivation! You really don’t feel restricted in these trousers at all AND they look pretty nice with see through sections on the lower part of the trousers.

Nike-Victory-Adjust-X-Back-Sports-Bra-419411_010_A Nike-Victory-Adjust-X-Back-Sports-Bra-419411_010_B Nike-Victory-Adjust-X-Back-Sports-Bra-419411_100_A Nike-Victory-Adjust-X-Back-Sports-Bra-419411_100_B

Nike Victory Adjust X Back Bra: Adjustable style, custom fit

“The Nike Victory X-Back Sports Bra features a flattering design that delivers maximum support for the most demanding workouts, plus an adjustable chest band and straps so you can personalise the fit.”

For sports bras I’ve been wearing some crop tops that I bought from Marks and Spencers about 11 years ago. They do the job although don’t feel amazingly supportive when doing high impact cardio such as the cardio section from Tracy Anderson’s Dr Oz workout. Having never bought a proper workout bra before I didn’t really know what I was doing, but the shop assistant pointed me in the right direction and said that dance aerobics was high impact so the above sports bras would be appropriate (they’ve got moulded cups for separation, lift and shape which a lot of other sports bras don’t have and also these are best for B,C and D cups- tick!). When I first tried the bra on it was so tight and constricting that I literally thought I was going to be sick, luckily with a bit of adjustment they were ok, but the shop assistant informed me that I’d need to make the straps much tighter in order that the bra’s doing its job and nothing moves at all! I think I may have to slowly build myself up to this! So I bought a pair in black and white- it was pretty lucky that they fitted as I managed to get lipstick all over the white pair- woops!

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