Various Tracy Anderson Webisodes Days 1-22


Day 1 I was travelling for about 9 hours today so sadly didn’t get all my exercise in! While I was on the train (second part of my journey) I was really itching to do some exercise and couldn’t stand sitting still for so long but when I got home annoyingly all the energy had past. This is what I managed to fit in: Dance Cardio for beginners warm up and gmtv arms.

Day 2 I’ve got some sort of horrible cold thing so I didn’t even entertain the idea of going for an hour’s walk. I did however do lots of muscular structure, annoyingly I haven’t got much space in the room I’m staying so I couldn’t do all the parts of my routine but I did all that I could, this is what I did: Dance Cardio for beginners warm upgmtv arms, Tracy Anderson Cosmo score a sexy cleavage, Tracy Anderson’s fitness tips, good morning america metamorphosis abcentric which I’m struggling to do all the reps in one go, Tracy Anderson Sweaty betty, tone your arms in 3 moves advanced and Tracy Anderson Nicole Richie.

Day 3 Another day of rain so no walking for me! Toning wise I really couldn’t be bothered, I think I get bored of doing the same routine, but I did manage a bit just Dance Cardio for beginners warm uptone your arms in 3 moves advancedTracy Anderson Sweaty betty and Tracy Anderson Nicole Richie

Day 4  I’m starting to notice the weight creeping up… my face is starting to look fatter and my stomach too- boo! I did Dance Cardio for beginners warm up , Tracy Anderson’s fitness tipsTracy Anderson Nicole Richie, gmtv arms, good morning america metamorphosis abcentric, Tracy Anderson Cosmo score a sexy cleavage, facial fitness 2, day 10 of tone your arms in 3 moves advanced so that’s all finished- yippee! And 5 minutes of Dr Oz abcentric and whoa nice abs.

Day 5 Really pushed for time, had a long train journey so I just did Dance Cardio for beginners warm up and Tracy Anderson’s fitness tips.

Day 6 Staying in a larger room so I was able to catch up on all the workouts I didn’t have room to do including Tracy Anderson JLO E! Tracy Anderson InStyle Ab Perfecter, Tracy Anderson Cosmo Upper Body blast and Good Morning America Metamorphosis Hipcentric. I went out and wore a very clingy dress and amazingly looked pretty good in it! Thank you Tracy!!!

Day 7 I had a hangover and felt very sick after HALF A GLASS OF SANGRIA!!!! I think I may have to give up alcohol completely- this just isn’t fair! In a bid to try and sweat the hangover out of my body I did about 6 mins cardio after waking up and almost threw up afterwards. I also did gmtv armsTracy Anderson InStyle Ab Perfecter and day 10 of Tracy Anderson’s fitness tips 🙂

Day 8 Got up early despite really needing some sleep, have got some horrible cold again, no doubt aggravated by the miniscule amount of alcohol I drank. Tried to sweat as much as I could by turning the car into a sauna on wheels. When I got in I was so tired I conked out and when to bed.

Days 9-19 Not a lot achieved, just doing lots of random little webisodes, unfortunately I haven’t done enough of a routine- to make it 30 minutes or over so no “official” routine at the moment. We have now moved to Melbourne and are staying in a hotel and I am viewing the date when we move into our own apartment to be the beginning of taking food and exercise seriously and the big wedding count down! I’ve ordered some Tracy Anderson DVDs- The Pregnancy Project, Total body mini trampoline workout and Teen meta which I will prioritise over my other Tracy Anderson dvds. I’m looking forward to the release date of Tracy Anderson’s Introduction to the method and Post Pregnancy 2. I do actually have space now to do cardio which I haven’t done since before we got back to England, but typically I’ve become ill- AGAIN! And this isn’t even through looking at a glass of alcohol- I’ve got laryngitis and am feeling coldy and horrible. I will try and do some exercise where I can though.

Day 20 Feeling better then I was but still not brilliant I decided to try and tackle some exercise. I ended up doing the warm up from Tracy Anderson Dance Cardio workout and because it’d been almost a week since I’d last done them I did day 10 of Tracy Anderson Cosmo Upper Body blast, (yay! :D) and Tracy Anderson Net a porter fit for fashion how to get toned arms. I felt really good after doing some exercise so it spurred me on to do some legs: Good morning America Metamorphosis Hipcentric and stomach: Tracy Anderson Zest which actually was quite challenging- maybe because I haven’t done a lot of ab work for a while? I am still feeling ill but I want to try and push myself exercise wise and try and do 2 hours a day… I’ll let you know how this goes!

Day 21 My stomach hurt from yesterday’s Tracy Anderson Zest exercises so my stomach must be out of shape! I really couldn’t face exercising today, I felt tired and lethargic all day and was so bored and unmotivated that I thought the only exercise that I could face would be Tracy Anderson videos where she does the full amount of reps with you to get me through it. I did Tracy Anderson Good day LA and Tracy Anderson Herbert (I will post these workouts and breakdowns soon)  Tracy Anderson Health Get JLO’s Out of sight abs, Tracy Anderson Fitness Friday, Tracy Anderson connect abs, Tracy Anderson The Early Show Treadmill toning and Good Morning America Metamorphosis Hipcentric. I felt really good and energised after this which wasn’t necessarily a good thing as I couldn’t sleep at all. In a bid to try and sort out my sleeping patterns I’m now doing a warm up as soon as I wake up, getting dressed and showered instead of lying about for ages, making sure I spend some time in the daylight, having no caffeine or chocolate and try and do exercise earlier in the day and do my PM yoga dvd before I go to bed.

Day 22 I did it! A perfect 2 hour day of exercise- it’s been so long! I did 1 hr of cardio- although I only did step touching as I couldn’t wear trainers as I’d just had a pedicure I actually found it really difficult initially. Thankfully I stuck with it and then I really started to enjoy it. Toning/muscular structure wise I did the dance cardio workout dvd warm up, day 10 of Good Morning America Metamorphosis Hipcentric (yippee!) good morning america metamorphosis abcentricTracy Anderson The Early Show Treadmill toning, Tracy Anderson Bloomberg Workout in the office and PM yoga. Unfortunately despite my best efforts I DIDN’T sleep! Very frustrating, I’m hoping that because I had to get up early today that I’ll wear myself out and need to sleep tonight. Aamazingly today (day 23) I woke up with a much flatter stomach and a proper waist! And as a bonus my face looks a lot slimmer and more defined and these results are just from 1 hours cardio- that fat was obviously desperate to get off me! I just need to try and keep it up!

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