Various Tracy Anderson Webisodes Days 23-24


Day 23 I had next to no sleep and had to get up early, I ended up sleeping in the afternoon and then didn’t have enough time for exercise for the rest of the day.

Day 24 I’ve cracked my bad sleeping cycle and actually got a proper night’s sleep last night 🙂 And my throat is slowly getting better so hopefully everything is falling into place 🙂 Today I actually did 2 hours again- woo 🙂 Again the cardio was difficult initially and I kept wanting to give up but once I got into it I really enjoyed it, the majority of it wasn’t step touching however now and then my knee would hurt so I would step touch for a song and then jump again on the next one and towards the end of the hour I started to get a bit tired so step touched. In a bid to keep up my motivation levels (because I’m worried about giving up half way through my exercise) I’m now listening to Paul McKenna’s “Change your life in 7 days” cd before I go to sleep- which makes you wake up with a fantastic and motivated attitude.

Muscular structure wise I did the Hamptons warm up, Tracy Anderson connect absTracy Anderson Net a porter fit for fashion how to get toned armsTracy Anderson Fitness FridayTracy Anderson ZestTracy Anderson Bloomberg Workout in the officeTracy Anderson Cosmo score a sexy cleavageTracy Anderson The Early Show Treadmill toning Tracy Anderson Health Get JLO’s Out of sight abs and a new little workout: Tracy Anderson Cosmo Get Flat, sexy abs. The last plank move on the new cosmo workout was pretty difficult and I couldn’t manage the full reps. I felt really energised and brilliant after all my exercise- I’ll have to make sure I keep it up. The following day after all my ab work I thought I’d wake up with a ripped stomach but sadly this wasn’t the case!

Various Tracy Anderson Webisodes Days 1-22

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