Tracy Anderson Hamptons Days 1- 5


For a breakdown of my routine click here

Day 1 Today I really didn’t have much time to fit in my exercise but I managed to do Tracy Anderson Hamptons and Tracy Anderson Cosmo Score sexy cleavage. The Hamptons webisode was so hard! I spent forever trying to do all of the reps for the legs and abs section – ow! And I ached quite a bit from the day before. I only managed to get in 5 mins cardio so in future I will try and get up early so I can get all my exercise in. There’s a gym where I’m staying so there’s the opportunity to do some treadmill dancing however I will only do this if I’m the only person in the gym! I’m noticing some good changes in my figure overall especially my waist definition, so I’m happy to keep on going and reap the rewards!

Day 2 The area just above my hip/pelvic bones really hurts! Whenever I laugh or cough I can feel it! Today I was busy all day so only managed to fit in Tracy Anderson Women’s Fitness Fierce at forty plus and Tracy Anderson Fitness Friday before bed. I’m still looking good and it’s definitely a boost getting results it definitely makes you want to stick with it 🙂

Day 3 Feeling rubbish thanks to the time of the month, I just did the evening workout from Rodney Yee Yoga for beginners which completely chilled me out, the early show treadmill toning, Tracy Anderson Out of sight abs and Net a porter fit for fashion toned arms so I managed to Tracify my arms, legs and stomach.

Day 4 What I ideally like to do is have breakfast, wait an hour and then start exercising, but some days it doesn’t work like this. Day 4 for example I had brekkie, made a note of what time it would be when an hour had passed and I could start exercising and started watching things on youtube, unfortunately this went over my allotted hour and then I got the point where I felt hungry again, so I ate and then obviously had to wait at least another hour, but by this time I had to go out to do something. When I got back in I did start exercising but was quite pushed for time so didn’t manage my entire routine. So the moral of the story is exercise as early in the day as possible! So this is what I did manage: Net a porter fit for fashion toned arms, Tracy Anderson Cosmo Get flat sexy abs, Tracy Anderson Good morning america metamorphosis abcentric and  the early show treadmill toning. No cardio. So I will make cardio a priority today. When I will definitely exercise. 1 hour after breakfast!

Day 5 Was good and started exercising 1 hour after breakfast, I did the warm up from Tracy Anderson Dance Cardio Workout DVD, and started doing Tracy Anderson Cosmo Get flat sexy abs, my breakfast however wasn’t enough to tie me over until the end of my workout so desperately hungry I ate the only thing in the house- a large slice of tiramisu cake and then headed out to buy some more food. When I got back after over an hour had passed I tried to continue with my exercise doing the plank moves from the flat sexy abs workout and I literally almost threw up- we’re talking gaging and tasting vomit in my mouth! So I gave up on exercise as I felt really sick for a long time afterwards and didn’t want to actually through up. I think this was due to exercising after having something sickly and the alcohol and coffee content probably made it worse so I will be avoiding tiramisu for the time being and make sure that there is a good supply of food so I don’t need to eat rubbish or have to go out during the day to get something to eat. Very late in the evening just before I went to bed I stopped feeling sick and had a burst of energy so did the early show treadmill toningTracy Anderson Out of sight abs, Tracy Anderson Connect AbsTracy Anderson Women’s Fitness Fierce at forty plus and Net a porter fit for fashion toned arms.

Tracy Anderson Hamptons Day 6

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