Tracy Anderson Cosmo Tighten Up Your Triceps

TA cosmo tighten your triceps uk TA Cosmo tighten your triceps

Time: 5 minutes
Areas worked: Arms
Equipment needed: 2X 1lb weights and a chair

As you can see from above this workout was presented in two different layouts, I personally find the first page easier to follow. Prior to doing the Tracy Anderson Method I used to follow a Matt Roberts workout for arms which involved wide push ups and tricep dips, but after discovering Tracy I thought these weren’t allowed so gave up them up until today where I did them once again! The moves are fairly easy, especially the wide/tricep pushups but I actually found the tricep dips really difficult! And I used to do 75 of these every day! I’m actually surprised that moves like wide pushups and tricep dips are included in Tracy’s routine as she seems to be more into standing arms rather then arm exercises which involve putting so much of your body weight on your arms.

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

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