Tracy Anderson Hello Magazine

Time: 4 minutes
Areas worked: Arms legs and stomach
Equipment needed: 1lb weights.

Here is the workout as published in Hello Magazine. As no number of reps were given I just did 20 on each side.


Primed and ready for action, focus on those hard to tone areas.

Tummy – this cross-legged crunch works your lower abs to give you that V line defiintion. Remember to keep your upper body lifted off the floor and pull your abs down trying to keep your stomach flat.


Glutes – this exercise will tighten your derriere and firm up your thighs for longer, leaner legs. Be sure to drop your hip in this move, which Tracy calls the pretzel, and lift your foot higher than your hip line at the end.


Thighs – for the leg pulse, keep your hips parallel and push your chest forward. Not only will you get a workout in your outer thigh, but you will also work your upper body and abdominals.


Arms – the rotating reach is a great workout for toned arms and will give you definition in your tricep and bicep – don’t forget to really reach your arm high as you rotate all through the shoulder joint.

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

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