Tracy Anderson Spanish CNN


Time: 15 minutes
Areas worked: Arms and legs
Equipment needed: 1lb weights and a chair
This workout includes some standing leg work, sitting arms and leg work done on all fours using the chair. It’s quite a doable workout but is effective at the same time.

For those of you who don’t speak Spanish this is the dialogue in the video:

“There is a secret weapon behind the sculptured bodies of celebrities like:Jennifer Lopez,Madonna, Kim and Gwyneth Paltrow to name a few…Her name is…Tracy Anderson. “I feel very fortunate to give the gift of better health, especially with women that believe they were born with problematic areas, that were ageing or that had children. Everything has a solution and you can transform your body how you want, but of course, it requires a lot of work”. Recently Jennifer Lopez that was named the most beautiful woman on Earth was given credit for her figure. “As her trainer, I felt very proud of her and she is doing many things; Mother, icon, she is one of those women that is doing it all, as well as inspiring other women. “There’s lots of women that want to look spectacular and they want to do it at home, in their living can they do it?”. ” Doing exercise in your own home is the new way of to stay in shape. At home, everybody has a chair….” ” Through the years, the trainer has perfected a series of simple exercises that do not require complicated machines, they only use the resistance of your own body that work the small muscle groups. Here Tracy Anderson demonstrates a simple exercise that tone the hips, you stretch the arms and the legs in this manner. With the same chair, this exercise strengthens the shoulders and the waist, Tracy recommends that the exercise is repeated on both sides of the body. This exercise tones the arms, all that is needed is two weights of 1.5kg and if you don’t have any, you can use two bottles of water. The force of the resistance and the way you rotate your arms won’t give your arms volume, but instead will tone them without them looking masculine. And even though these movements dont appear like they hurt, after a while you can feel it. Each movement is repeated 40 times each side. But if at the beginning you can’t, she recommends that you start with 10 repetitions until you can increase them. And if you want a little help in this particular area…you can do this exercise. Lowering yourself to the floor and stretching your leg at a particular angle as shown here, 40 times with each leg. Tracy says that if you do these exercises every day with a day of rest for 3 months your body will change.Right to work now, CNN, Los Angeles”

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

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