Tracy Anderson Womens Health Get Bikini Fit…

ta womens health get bikini fit 20 30

… in your 20s
Time: 20 minutes
Areas Worked: Arms legs and stomach
Equipment needed: None

The arms section at the beginning will kill you- 4 minutes for the first move and then 30 reps X3 on each side (not 10X3 like the cosmo workouts) for the second and then for the leg moves you have to use those weakened arms to support yourself- difficult! The bum firming plank is probably the most unpleasant out of the leg work- I really dislike planks, the other moves aren’t too bad though.

…in your 30s
Time: 31 minutes
Areas worked: Arms, chest, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: 2X 1lb weights

That was painful… The first arms move is no way as bad as the first one “in your 20s” as there’s only 40 reps each side, however this routine makes up for it by demanding 30 reps on each side X3 for the following leg move “The Firm-Butt Arabesque”. I’m not sure if my body was completely exhausted from doing a total of 90 reps on each side but I really struggled with the following move “The Glutes Burner” and had to keep taking breaks out of sheer exhaustion and uncomfortableness. The Perfect Pec Raise is a return to arm movements and requires 3 sets of 30 reps each side- oww!!! This is also one of those rare Tracy Anderson moves that are advertised as working the chest too- the only other openly targeted Tracy Anderson chest moves are found in Tracy Anderson Health Magazine workout and Tracy Anderson Cosmo Score a Sexy Cleavage. There are a couple of instances in this workout where the picture doesn’t match the description, for this one in the description it asks your arms that extends to the side to have your palm facing back whereas in the picture it’s actually facing forwards, in this instance I would follow the picture as it would more likely work your chest in this position. For “The Leaner Leg Lift” the description makes no sense whatsoever and is impossible to follow so it’s best to follow the picture. The last move “The Abdominal Blaster” is definitely a killer with 100 reps on a move that has 2 parts. I find it a bit odd that the sit up is performed with knee bent as Tracy normally advises against this.

ta womens health get bikini fit 40s

…in your 40s +
Time: Yet to time
Areas worked: Arms, legs and stomach
Equipment needed: 2X 1lb weights and a chair

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

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