Tracy Anderson Katie Couric Get in Shape this Summer with Fitness Expert Tracy Anderson


Time: 7 minutes
Areas worked: Arms
Equipment needed: 2X 1lb weights and a meta band 

In this workout Tracy demonstrates how to exercise your arms without weights, with mini weights and then with the meta band.

Although I own Teen Meta I haven’t actually started using it yet as I have a list of other Tracy Anderson routines I’m working my way through but this was a nice opportunity to use the meta band for the first time. I definitely prefer it to the stretchy band as it’s more obvious how you’re supposed to hold it rather then trying to grip it in your hand in an uncomfortable position. It’s still hard work though and I would say harder to use then weights but it’s great to have some new equipment and variation to workouts.

As a lot of these moves are only demonstrated on Tracy’s right arm I repeated this workout and with the moves on the opposite side afterwards to make sure I was working both sides. This is a good work out and you’ll definitely feel it in your arms afterwards- I certainly did, it could be the unfamiliarity of using the meta band or the fact I did the teen meta 1 warm up which incorporates a lot of arm work before doing the DVD

See the workout here

Every Single Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Workout

4 thoughts on “Tracy Anderson Katie Couric Get in Shape this Summer with Fitness Expert Tracy Anderson

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Thanks Graciela! Unfortunately that video won’t play in Australia, but I’ll keep a look out and if I find the video again I’ll update the link 🙂

  1. graciela

    =D Wow, Australia! Greetings from California.. amazing how Tracy’s Method has managed to gather a global community, via awesome blogs like Fitty of course.

    That’s unfortunate about the video, Katie Couric should have just uploaded it to her youtube chanel. I also noticed that one of the videos with Tracy & Dr.Oz has been removed per Dr. Oz’s team request. This gives me the idea to upload a home video to my youtube chanel (if I had one) doing the actual exercises Tracy does (if I were brave enough, haha) when she’s a guest on a show.
    But I’d also want to perform the moves with good form using 3 lbs weights, whereas currently I’m using 2 lbs and can barely finish a sequence without pausing for a couple of seconds.
    Perhaps we can hint the lady who uploaded the Punch Routine, her form was decent. Hmm… 🙂

    1. ljgodbolt Post author

      Hi California!! Which part do you live in?

      I’m actually from England which is where I first heard of the Tracy Anderson Method but yes the method has definitely spread- I was talking to some Australian girls that work at Lululemon out here and they love the method 🙂 🙂

      Since you live in California have you been able to make it to one of her studios?

      Aww thanks for saying my blog is awesome 😀 😀 😀

      Yeah I don’t get why they take the videos down, especially if they can make money from putting an advert in front of it. There are a few times I’ve tried to rewatch a Tracy video and the site has taken it down even though they made it, it doesn’t make sense!

      I just checked the Dr Oz video, that’s a shame that that has been taken down too; I had a look to see if I could find the video elsewhere so I could link to that instead but no luck.

      That would be such a good idea of you performing the moves yourself! I’ve kind of thought about doing that myself but I get embarrassed really easily and would find it a bit cringey! Haha good idea to contact the punch routine lady!

      I only use 1lb weights for all of the exercises because I don’t want to run the risk of bulking at all! I know I may just be paranoid so definitely don’t stop with what you’re doing. Consequently I have zero upper body strength, I’ve been going to reformer pilates (where the pulleys are weighted) recently and I REALLY struggle with the arm work.


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