Tracy Anderson Hamptons Day 33


For a breakdown of my routine click here

Wow 3 days is a row 🙂 I did teen meta 1 warm up, tested Katie Couric and really enjoyed using my meta band for the first time. Unfortunately I then ran out of water so went out for the day and then finished my workout when I got back which was Dr Oz Abcentric (I’m finding this one really boring now) flat sexy abs, 1hr cardio- WHY is cardio always so off putting? I kept putting it off and taking breaks inbetween when really I just need to nail it because it’s not going to do itself. I then did whoa nice abs, cosmo chest, Over 40 for the 11th time (somehow I miscounted how many times I had done it but now I know that that one is over and done with) Tracy Anderson Wedding and leg stretches. I’d used up all the conductive gel for my Rio facial toner and couldn’t really find any conductive gel near where I live, I had read on line that you could use lube instead! So I bought some KY jelly and used that, I must admit I did feel a bit weird putting KY on my face and annoyingly it didn’t work as well as conductor gel- but then again why would it? Surely if it did then they’d both be the same thing? So I’m gonna have to order some online an do my Eva Fraser Facial Fitness exercises in the meantime and hope that the conductor gel doesn’t take too long to arrive.

I previewed some of the meta videos from year 2 with Stacey and Maria, I felt like I was working out my body watching them- how do they do it?! The spinning around on your knee move that Stacey does is just insanity.

Tracy Anderson Hamptons Day 32

Tracy Anderson Hamptons Day 34 and exactly 1 year until I get married!

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