Tracy Anderson Hamptons Day 34 and exactly 1 year until I get married!


For a breakdown of my routine click here

Definitely on a roll. Today I did 1hr muscular structure/toning and 1 hr cardio. For the muscular structure toning I very begrudgingly did Hamptons, I know it’s not THAT difficult but it’s so off putting! Can’t wait until I’ve finished 10 days of this. I also did cosmo chest, leg stretches and did Eva Fraser Facial Routine 1 as I can’t use my Rio Facial Toner because the KY jelly isn’t working as a replacement for the conductor gel and I haven’t managed to get any more conductor gel. I actually missed doing the Eva Fraser facial exercises, I especially like the tapping exercise which is for circulation. I didn’t get around to doing my cardio until 11pm as we had a few house crisis’s! So annoyingly the majority of it was step touching in bare feet as I didn’t want to annoy the neighbours below us. Also big step TODAY is exactly 1 YEAR until I get married!!!! So I’m glad that I’ve started this year’s countdown on a role, I am seeing good changes, I just need to stick to it, which is hard because it’s hard work and time consuming but it will all be worth it and I’ll be over the moon if I look stunning in my wedding dress and also to have my dream figure 🙂 🙂 🙂

Tracy Anderson Hamptons Day 33

Tracy Anderson Hamptons Day 35

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