Tracy Anderson Hamptons Day 35


For a breakdown of my routine click here

SO close!!! I did some exercise, had a meal and I think the food disagreed with me or I exercised again too soon afterwards as I was really struggling and ended up having a dodgy stomach which exercise just seemed to aggravate. I couldn’t even step touch so only managed 30 minutes cardio and had to spend the rest of my muscular structure doing arms only so not to make anything worse, but at least I managed 1 hour of muscular structure. This is what I did: Facial workout 3, tested get gwyns legs in 3 moves, teen meta 1 warm up, tracy anderson zest, band workout, DDD part 1, ta self arms and sky showbiz.

Tracy Anderson Hamptons Day 34 and exactly 1 year until I get married!

Tracy Anderson Hamptons Day 36

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