Tracy Anderson Hamptons Days 37 and 38


For a breakdown of my routine click here

Day 36 A DAY OFF! So after 7 days exercise I’ve finally EARNED myself a legitimate day off. And I don’t know if I really liked it! All day I kept thinking, I’ve got to do my exercise and then realised that I didn’t actually have to. When it came for time for me to go to bed I was quite restless from not exercising. Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone NOT take a day off? I think maybe if I had been aching like crazy I would be more inclined to take a day off. Maybe I should find something else do to on my days off like go for a long walk?

Day 37 Today I felt much fatter then I do usually- is this due to taking a day off yesterday? Muscular structure/toning wise I did teen meta warm up, Eva Fraser‘s facial fitness circulation ear massage, get shakira’s waist, resistance band workout, dr oz abcentric, whoa nice abs, day 10 of flat sexy abs (yay!) and day 10 of zest (yay yay!) and instyle ab perfecter. I did 1 hr of cardio although my knee started really hurting so unfortunately the majority was step touching. I really can’t wait for my rebounder to arrive to give my joints a bit of a break.

Tracy Anderson Hamptons Day 36

Tracy Anderson Hamptons Day 39

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